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  1. The bone with a ball joint and a deep cavity on its posterior distal end is the
  2. The acromion is found on the
  3. The anconeal process is a part of the
  4. The first vertebra next to the skull is
  5. The curve of the tibia crest is
  1. a humerus
  2. b none of the above
  3. c scapula
  4. d aimed to the outside, or lateral side, of the bone
  5. e ulna

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  1. have the hock on their distal ends
  2. at the tarsus
  3. 2nd cervical
  4. are longer in the rear legs than in the front legs
  5. 3 phalanges make one digit

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  1. Lumbar vertebrae are most easily distinguished by theirlong transverse processes


  2. The largest sesamoid bone in the body ispatella


  3. The tibial crest ison the proximal end of the bone, on the anterior side of the bone, triangular in shape, curves to the outside (all of the above)


  4. The stifle is locatedthe trochanter, the head, the trochlea, the fovea capitis (all of the above)


  5. All mammals have seven of which type vertebra?Seven