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  1. The fibula is to all intents and purposes absent in
  2. The joint on the distal end of the tibia is the
  3. The first vertebra next to the skull is
  4. The cow mandible
  5. The scapula
  1. a bovines
  2. b contains the acromion
  3. c none of the above
  4. d is involved with a symphysis
  5. e hock

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  1. contains the dens
  2. the trochanter, the head, the trochlea, the fovea capitis (all of the above)
  3. contains the trochlea
  4. contains the splint bones
  5. cannon

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  1. The bone with a ball joint and a deep cavity on its posterior distal end is thecannon


  2. The olecranon fossa is found on which bone?pelvis


  3. The cannon bones in the horsecontains the splint bones


  4. All mammals have how many cervical vertebrae?cervical


  5. The metacarpals can be distinguished from the metatarsals becausecontains the splint bones