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  1. How many metacarpals does a cow have on one leg?
  2. Lumbar vertebrae are most easily distinguished by their
  3. The largest sesamoid bone in the body is the
  4. The metacarpals can be distinguished from the metatarsals because
  5. The 3rd metatarsal of the horse is also called the
  1. a patella
  2. b Two fused
  3. c cannon
  4. d the metacarpals are shorter
  5. e lateral processes

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  1. long transverse processes
  2. scapula
  3. pastern
  4. pelvis
  5. contains the acromion

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  1. The hip joint is also known as theacetabulum


  2. The cannon bones in the horseare longer in the rear legs than in the front legs


  3. All mammals have how many cervical vertebrae?cervical


  4. The tibial crest ison the proximal end of the bone, on the anterior side of the bone, triangular in shape, curves to the outside (all of the above)


  5. All mammals have seven of which type vertebra?cervical


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