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CHPA- Last Ditch

Last minute survey before taking certification exam.
The security management plan should contain a brief description of the activities performed by each position
This is key to an effective security program
Organization-wide security coordination is key to an effective program and involves numerous aspects of the organization including different departments
Coordination with public safety agencies
It is vital to document the nature of these partnerships in the strategic plan
Building configuration and design ...
...most cost effective when accomplished during renovation or new construction
When handling incidents, the goal is...
..to minimize disruptions and harm to persons while avoiding negative publicity
The _____ is responsible for contractors to comply with health and safety.
What did OSHA develop the fire matrix in response to?
Retention of Parking Violations
One Year
Why is vendor fraud perpetrated by employees?
Due to high number of miscellaneous items ordered. Potential for kickbacks. Also, high-risk for shell companies.
Requires 24-hour access control
Roof Areas
There are three kinds of internal audits:
Unannounced inspections of procedures
Spot checking goods entering and leaving the facility
Undercover surveillance of services
Three organizational philospohies for large healthcare systems
* Centralized
* Quasicentralized
* Decentralized
Centralized Approach
- One budget
-Each faciity gets security services as a one campus approach
- Even though sites might be miles apart
- Rarely used in multi-state locations
- Most popular model
- usually in a metropolitan area
- Central office provides training, investigations, central comm, etc.
- Perhaps consolidated fiels supervisor
- Officers hired by the facility security manager
- Each facility maintains complete control
- No line of authority outside the facility