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GV Wranglers Horse Bowl 2009


What is the term for a male donkey?

A cross between a jack and a mare

What is a mule?


What breed was developed by the Nez Perce Indians?

Any except piebald and skewbald

What are the colors of the Welsh Pony?


Recording an animal from registered parents in the breed registry association is called what?


What is the oldest purebred breed?


Where did the Quarter Horse originate?


Where in the US did the Tennessee Walker originate?

Children's mounts

What is the primary use of the POA?

Arabian OR Thoroughbred OR Morgan

Name a breed used as a foundation for developing many modern breeds?

A horse used primarily for riding or driving

What is a light horse?

Arabian tribesmen

Who were the first breeders of Arabians?


Which breed was depicted in cave drawings in Europe & China over 2000 years ago?


What breed has its' headquarters in Moscow, Idaho?


Where did the Arabian horse originate?


What color skin does the Arabian always have?


Where did the Clydesdale originate?

Long, silky hair on the lower legs

What is feathering?

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