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Mendeleev left spaces in his periodic table and predicted the existence of three elements and their:


The periodic law allows some properties of an element to be predicted based on its

positions in the periodic table

Elements in a group or column in the periodic table can be expected to have similar


A horizontal row of blocks in the periodic table is called a


Bromine, atomic number 35, belongs to group 17. How many electrons does bromine have in its outermost energy level?


A negative ion is known as an


In a row in the periodic table, as the atomic number increases, the atomic radius generally


Which is the best reason that the atomic radius generally increases with atomic number in each group of elements?

the number of occupied energy levels increases

Which branch of chemistry deals with the mass relationships of elements in compounds and the mass relationships among reactants and products in chemical reactions?


The coefficients in a chemical equation represent the

The coefficients in a chemical equation represent the

a balanced chemical equation allows one to determine the

mole ration of any two substances in the reaction

A chemical equation is balanced when the

same number of each kind of atom appears in the reactants in the products

For the reaction represented by the equation Cl2+2KBr-->2KCl+Br2, calculate the percentage yield if 200 g of chlorine reacts with excess potassium bromide to produce 410. g of bromine?


How many moles of ions are produced by the dissociation of 1 mol of MgCl2?

3 moles

How many moles of ions are produced by the dissociation of 1 mole of Al2(CO3)3?

5 moles

What is the right side of the equation for dissolving K2S(s)?


The formula for the hydronium ion is


A water solution containing an unknown quantity of a noneelectrolyte solute has a freezing point of -0.21 degrees celsius. What is the molal concentration of the solution of Kf= -1.86 degrees celsiums/m?


Electrolyes affect colligative properties differently than do nonelectrolyes because electrolyes

produce more moles of solute particles per mole of solute

A species that can react as either an acid or a base is an

amphoteric substance

A water solution whos pH is 10

is always basic

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