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64 AD

Christians were blamed for the Great Fire


roman emperor, corrupt, notorious, persecuted Christians in AD 64-65

70 AD

the siege of Jerusalem

messianic secret

hidden answers to these two questions: who is this person?, will you follow Jesus?, only find in Mark, Jesus saying not to tell anyone anything about him


public ministry-unveils his identity as a dove, a symbol of the Holy Spirit, descends on him and a voice from heaven reveals

40 day retreat in the desert

Jesus tested by Satan, forces of good and evil, Jesus' obedience initiates a new Israel

authority of Jesus

means the right to command, someone with official power, the source of reliable information, the ability to gain the respect of others and influence what they do, knowledge, skill, or experience worthy of respect, teaching with authority, influential teacher


One who embraces and assists in spreading the teachings of another


one sent on a mission: as a: one of an authoritative New Testament group sent out to preach the gospel

5 conflicts or controversies

Jesus claims he can forgive sin, the call of the hated Levi and Jesus' table fellowship with sinners, Jesus not fasting according to the strict obligations of Jewish Law, involve the Sabbath, Jesus is free to interpret the meaning of eating customs on the Sabbath, doing good on the Sabbath is always allowed

miracles pattern

introduction-setting situation, display of faith, his response, result, reaction

dynamis / simeon


Mk 8:27-33

heart of the gospel where Jesus is called the Messiah


blind man Jesus cured, instantaneous, if we have faith like him, listen to Jesus with open hearts, and depend on him as our savior, then we will understand the secret of his kingdom

Son of Man

he was God in human flesh, means Jesus was human

John Baptist compared

compare him to the Old testament prophet Elijah, John wore a garment of camel's hair and a leather belt, diet consisted of grasshoppers and wild honey, some people thought he was the Messiah


to say to be a god, impious utterance or action concerning god or sacred things

Paschal mystery

God's love and salvation revealed to us through the life, passion, death, and resurrection and glorification of his Son Jesus Christ, sacraments and the Eucharist celebrate the paschal mystery and enable us to live in our own lives

Passion narratives

the suffering and agony of Jesus of the crucifixion, in the gospels

Pontius Pilate

Roman perfect that sentenced Jesus to crucifixion

Joseph of Arimathea

in the Sanhedrin, was one of Jesus; supporters

Passover / last supper

most important Jewish feast, anticipated Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, the saving event that frees all people from sin and death

Mount of Olives

where Jesus prays after the last supper, where Jesus ascended into heaven


Aramaic name that means "oil press", garden where Jesus was arrested


a major law-making body and supreme court of Judaism


criminal who was released instead of Jesus

Simon of Cyrene

passerby at the walk to the cross, helps Jesus carry cross


"place of the skull"

End of Mark

passion and crucifixion, No resurrection appearances

Chapters in Mark

16, 2 endings were added on

Christian Symbol

winged lion

Parable of the Sower - Mk 4:1-20

the kingdom of God is a mystery

Parable of the mustard seed - Mk 4:30-32

ministry starts small but will become big

Parable of the lamp

what is hidden will become clear

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