H6 Reconstruction in Georgia

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Johnsons Planmade it easy for southern states to enter the union again. Ex-Confederate states could rejoin once they ratified (agree to or accept) the 13th AmendmentGeorgia refused to ratify the 14thWhy was Georgia and the rest of the South placed under the authority of Congress.Placed under military controlWhat was the result of Georgia not ratifying the 14th amendment?Militaryremained in Georgia because: Continued actions of Ku Klux Klan and Georgia refused to pass the 15th amendmentMilitary reconstructionAfrican Americans were allowed to vote 37 African American were elected to Congress and state offices and as legislatorsLincoln and JohnsonWhat two Reconstruction Plans involved the passage of the first reconstruction amendment? what amendment was that?Black legislatorsvoted out of office as a result of the end of military reconstruction and the passage of the Jim Crow Laws14thDuring Congressional Reconstruction the Southern states were required to pass which reconstruction amendment15thGeorgia finally readmitted into the Union in 1870 after they passed which amendment?KKK and Freedmens BureauWhat two groups were created during reconstruction that impacted whites and African AmericansFreedmens Bureaucreated the first public school program for either blacks or whites in the state and set the stage for Georgia's modern public school systemFreedmens BureauTo education and help former slaves and poor whites throughout the south To provide food and shelter to those who were affected by the war.KKKTo intimidate freedmen and poor republican whites from exercising their newly gained rights.KKKEnsured democrats were elected back into office. Tormented Black organizationRepublicans/ NorthernersSupported the rights of Freedmen and were abolishonistsTenant FarmerFarmer has his own tools but own no land. I would like to rent a portion of the land to farm. I will pay you a portion of the crop for rentSharecropperThis farmer has no tools or animals, but would like a portion of land. He also has to share a portion of his crop as paymentAfrican AmericansThe Freedmen's Bureau and the KKK both impacted whom?Lincoln and JohnsonWhich TWO Reconstruction Plans involved the passage of the first reconstruction amendment?

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