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Incident Command

When would extend op ICS be implemented?
-beyond one op period (12 hrs)
-situations where complex planning is required
How is extend op characterized?
-full activation of NIMS
When is the use of ICS mandatory?
5 or more units
What are main responsibilities of IC? (4 things)
-provide safety
-remove, protect, and treat occupants
-stop fire or hazard
-conserve property
First arriving unit reports what?
unit id on scene
building descrip
obvious conditions and initial tactics
radio designation- command
Who is IC?
-initially, it is the person in charge on first arrival
When would IC change from 1st arriving unit in charge?
properly relieved by officer or chief OR
incident is terminated
When would first arriving company assume IC?
-the unit that established IC has no company officer OR
a district chief is not yet on scene
When is assumption of Command discretionary?
for ranks above district chief
When IC is relieved, what do they report to new IC?
-general situational status including threats to life, current conditions, and effectiveness of control efforts
-deployment and assign of operating companies
-appraisal of needs for add resources at that time
What if first unit IC is in Fast Attack mode?
-second arriving unit immediately assumes command
What is the order of benchmarks in IC?
primary search complete
situation under control
secondary search complete
What do Sector Officers do?
-oversee a geographic area or task within the operation
How may sectors be designated?
floor #
When is Level 1 Staging employed?
incidents that require strategic positioning of apparatus but DON'T require an on scene resrve app
When is Level 2 Staging employed?
Large scale complex situations that req onscene reserve app
-at Level 2, what has to be assigned?
-Staging Officer and Staging Area
In Level 2, how should CO report to staging officer?
in person
In Level 2, who does off duty report to?
Staging Officer
Who establishes area for rehab?
uncommited rescue personnel
When is Formal Rehab set up?
-long duration incidents
-large scale incidents
*officer and area must be designated
What are safety officer responsibilities?
-id and communicating hazardous situations
-assuring personnel safety
-initial investigation of accidents in incident areas
What capabilities must sector officers have?
-communicate with companies in their secto