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sternum flat bone

manubrium, body and xiphoid process

12 ribs consist of

7 pair true ribs
5 pair false ribs
2 pairs floating ribs

what are the spaces inbetween the ribs

intercoastal spaces

5 regions of the vertebral column

cervical -thoracic -lumbar- sacral -coccygeal

how can you tell a lumbar vertebra from a cervical vertebra

lumbar vertebrae are large block like with a blunt spinous process that projects directly back.
They have a large body and no foramina in their transverse process.

pectorial consists of

clavicle and a scapula

the scapula has two important processes

acromion largest and the coracoid The acromion connects with the clavicle.

the clavicle is not directly connected to the axial skeleton

held in place by trunk muslces.

radial is on the thumbside in anatomical position

ulna on the pinky side

what is the single point of attachment of the shoulder girdle to the axial skeleton

the sternoclvicular joint

which bones of the upper limb have styloid process


the pelvic girdle is formed by

the coxal bones or hip bones

boney pelvis =

2 coxal bones, sacrum and coccyx

hip bone is formed of

ilium,ishium and pubis

iliac crest

location where an injection would go

what is the sit down bone?


pubic bone is the

most anterior part of the coxal

the acetabulum

receives the head of the thigh bone femur
it is a common fracture site

what is the heaviest, strongest bone in the body

the femer

there are ____tarsal bones


there are ____carpal bones the palm


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