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Simple squamous

Structure: One layer of flat cells
• Alveoli of the lungs- thin to permit diffusion of
• Capillaries- thin to permit exchanges of materials;
smooth to prevent abnormal blood clotting

Stratified squamous

Structure- Many layers of cells; surface cells are flat;
lower layer undergoes mitosis

•Epidermis-surface cells are dead; a barrier to
•Lining of esophagus and vagina- surface cells are
living; a barrier to pathogens


Structure- Many layers of cell; surface cells change
from rounded to flat

•Lining of urinary bladder-permits expansion
without tearing the lining

Simple Cuboidal

Structure- One layer of cube-shaped cells

•Thyroid gland-secretes thyroxine
•Salivary glands-secretes saliva
•Kidney tubules-permit reabsorption of useful
materials back to the blood

Simple Columnar

Structure-One layer of column-shaped cells

• Stomach lining-secretes gastric juices
• Line of small intestines-secretes enzymes and
absorbs end products of digestion (microvilli
*Goblet cell: secrete mucus and are found in the lining of the intestines and part of the respiratory tract such as trachea.


Structure-One layer of columnar cells with cilia on
their free surfaces

*Lines the nasal cavities, larynx, trachea, and lg. bronchial tubes
•Lining of trachea-sweeps mucus and dust to
•Lining of fallopian tubes-sweeps ovum toward

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