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Southeast Asia and the Pacific World

native, original to a certain area
how people from China and India moved into SE Asia
on railroads and roads built by Europeans to carry crops to port cities for exports
the problem caused by immigrants into SE Asia
immigrants ignored indigenous cultures
lack of similarity; mixture
two countries whose heterogeneity is a challenge
Indonesia (250 languages) and Philippines (70 languages)
someone without manners or civilized customs
what China considers foreigners to be
wet land on which Southeast Asia grows rice
Europeans cleared forests in SE Asia to create these
rice paddies and plantations for coffee, tea, tobacco and rubber
doi moi
a program of economic change that Vietnam began in 1986
how doi moi has affected Vietnam's relationship with other countries
the US, a former enemy, signed a trade agreement with Vietnam
this country is the world's second largest exporter of rice because of doi moi
the first Australians; were hunters and gatherers
shallow body of water with an outlet to the ocean
the largest coral reef in the world
the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia
cyclones have leveled Darwin, the capital of
Australia's Northern Territory
Australian wilderness
the first persons to live in Australia's outback
the Aborigines
artesian well
deep well drilled into groundwater
how the Australian cattle industry waters their cattle
artesian wells
hots springs that shoot jets of steam and heated water into the air
what invites the tourist industry into New Zealand
volcanoes and geysers
Trust Territory
land supervised by a nation that does not own it
2 trust territories overseen by the United States
Guam and American Samoa
a dangerous large crack in glacial ice
what provides the most convenient route into the interior of Antarctica
glaciers (beware the crevasse!)
ice shelf
permanent extensions of ice extending from slowly moving glaciers
large ice shelves cover these two seas
Ross and Weddell
pack ice
what fringes most of the Antarctic continent; can extend more than 1,000 miles from land's edge
convergence zone
place where cold waters around Antarctica meet warmer waters of Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans
what causes severe storms along Antarctica's coastline
the convergence zone
small shrimplike creatures that are food for whales and fish
where krill live
in the convergence zone