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ESWS Written Test Part II

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Who is the Engineering officers representation in port?
EDO- engineering duty officer
What does ABC stand for?
Automatic Boiler Control
What is considered LP air?
125 psi or lower
What is considered HP air?
3000 psi or higher
How many life rafts do we have onboard?
63 total
What is the capacity of each life raft?
25 persons
What are the 2 methods of releasing a life raft?
Manually or hydrostatically
What are the types of signaling devices found in a life raft?
Radio beacon, flare, radar reflector, signal mirror, sea water activated light, and dye marker
When is the J-Bar Davit used to recover personnel?
during man over board and the water is too rough for boat recovery
What UNREP stations are used for DFM?
1 and 2 DMF only
7 and 8 DFM and JP5
What type of mooring lines go straight out?
Breast Line
What type of mooring lines go aft?
Aft spring line
What type of mooring lines go forward?
Forward spring line
What type of mooring line prevents the ship from moving forward?
Aft spring line
What type of mooring line prevents the ship from moving aft?
Forward spring line
What is the weight of the anchor?
22,500 lbs
What is a shot?
The distance from one detachable link to the next detachable link
How long is a shot?
15 fathoms
What is the first shot called?
Where is the bull nose located?
Forward most end of the ship
Where can you find the wild cat?
What is the purpose of the wild cat?
it engages the anchor chain for lifting and breaking
What are the 3 uses of the anchor chain?
Anchoring, towing, and mooring to a buoy
What is a swing circle?
Distance from the anchor plus the chain to the stern of the ship
What is a drag circle?
Distance from the anchor plus the chain to the pilot house
Who is the First Lieutenant?
LCDR Ehring
How many fuel oil transfer pumps do we have onboard?
How many EVAPS do we have and what is their capacity?
50,000 gallons each
What is the purpose of and EVAP?
Makes fresh water out of salt water
What types of EVAPS do we have on board?
5 stage flash type
What is the purpose of degaussing?
To reduce the magnetic signature of the ship
Which load center controls degaussing?
LC 21
Which coils are auto set and which are manual adjust?
Auto- A and FI-QI
Manual- M and FP-QP
How many fire pumps are onboard?
Where is the #1 fire pump?
Fwd A/C
Where is the #2 fire pump?
Fire room
Where is the #3 fire pump?
Engine room
Where is the #4 fire pump?
Aft A/C
Who supervises the engineering bell log
What medium is used to condense steam?
Sea water
How many HF transmitters are onboard?
29- located in Trans 1
What are the different message precedences?
Flash- 5 minutes
Immediate- 30 minutes
Priority- 3 hours
Routine- 6 hours
How many CHT tanks do we have on the ship?
Where are the CHT tanks located?
1 fwd 2 aft
What is the capacity of the CHT tanks onborad?
Fwd 28,000 gallons
Aft 11,772 gallons each
What are the 3 modes of CHT?
In port, transit, and at sea
How many fresh water tanks do we have onboard?
7 tanks
What is the capacity of the fresh water tanks onboard?
123,152 Gallons
What is the usage of potable water per person?
25 gallons
What is the size of the AC units?
250 tons
What type of refrigerant is used on our AC units?
R236 FA
Where are the AC units located?
2 Fwd 2 mid 2 aft
What is the purpose of the underwater log?
To record speed in knots and distance in nautical miles
Where is the pitsword located?
Fwd AC
What is the pitsword made of?
Fiberglass and stainless steel
How many fathoms is the anchor chain in length?
180 fathoms
What is the RPM of the 25mm chain guns?
172 RPM
What is the voltage rating for the SSDG, SSTG, and EDG?
450 Volts
How many SSTGs, SSDGs and EDGs do we have onboard?
What does COSAL stand for?
Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List
What does the COSAL list?
All of the APLs and AELs
What does the term DRMO mean?
Defense Reutilization Marketing Office
How many kilowatts of electricity does each SSTG produce?
2000 kilowatts each
What operating system is employed throughout the LAN?
The piloting officer has what special purpose underway?
to assist the navigator in fixing the ship's position
What is a task force?
A component of a fleet
Name the links the Blue Ridge and C7F utilize
JMCIS, link 4, link 11, link 14, link 16
What does CART stand for?
Command Assessment of Readiness and Training
What is another name for the pitsword?
What is the depth required for hydrostatic release?
10-40 feet
What are the locations of the mooring stations?
Forecastle, sponsons under the RHIB, aft mooring across from ships store
What are the types of UNREPS?
VERTREP - helo
CONREP- ship
What UNREP stations are used for highline trsansfer?
3 and 4
What are the 2 types of refueling?
What type of material obligation validation (MOV) are there?
Internal and External
Where are the boat davits located?
Port and starboard sponsons
what type of boat are on each boat davit?
RHIB, utility boat, and admirals barge
What are the 3 levels of war?
Strategic, operational, and tactical
What is the purpose of the Naval air squadrons?
Covert protection for surface and subsurface forces.
Which NAVPERS document contains administrative marks?
NAVPERS 1070/613 (page 13)
Which fleet is responsible for the geographic area from the north arabian sea, to the red sea, and the arabian sea, including the persian gulf?
5th fleet
How much does each sewage ejection pump expel each minute?
4@100 gallons per minute
Who is the ships 'oil king'?
CWO2 Ling "boilers"
Who is the DCA?
LT Belmonte
What flag is flown for HERO?
Which operation command provides logistic support for military operations world wide?
military support command (MSC)
What is the second substitute?
What is the first substitute?
What does CIWS stand for?
Close In Weapons System
Where are the CIWS magazines located?
2nd deck aft mooring
main deck fwd
Who is the CSO?
Lt Tidd
What does NSFS stand for?
Naval Surface Fire Support
What color is the Top Secret/SCI AIS marking?
Top Secret- Orange
SCI- Yellow
How many WSC-3 UHF/LOS transceivers do we have onboard?
12 in UV1
14 in UV2
2 in trans2
What does GBS stand for?
Global broadcast system
What is GBS used for?
split IP receive only data (fox and cnn)
What is the primary purpose of the EDG?
emergency diesel generators
What does DFM stand for?
diesel fuel martime
In what condition will we not put divers in the water?
heavy seas
What are the components of the steam cycle?
main feed pump->
booster pump->
main air ejector->
main condenser pump->
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