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  1. aspiration
  2. geocentric
  3. animus
  4. terra cotta
  5. mountebank
  1. a -ceramic clay used in pottery, statuary, and construction
    -referring to the color of the clay, a reddish brown that may vary from gray or orange to dark brown
  2. b -a powerful feeling of hostility or antagonism; hatred
    -an animating spirit
  3. c -referring to the center of the earth in measurement or observation
    -considering the earth as the center of a planetary system
  4. d -strong desire for achievement; ambition toward a long-range goal
    -expulsion of breath in speaking
  5. e a swindler; a charlatan; a trickster

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  1. -arousing strong emotion, especially anger or hostility
    -pertaining to redness, swelling, or pain following an infection or injury
  2. -designed or intended to cause a fire
    -tending to stir up strife; inflammatory
    -a person who maliciously burns his or her own or another's property for monetary advantage
  3. a very small amount;a bit; an iota
  4. -the point in its orbit when a planet or satellite (usually the moon) is farthest from the earth
    -the highest point; culmination; apex
  5. colored or decorated in a showy way; having a showy appearance or manner

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  1. conflagrationa large and destructive fire


  2. vent-an outlet; an opening for passage of liquids, fumes, or sometimes air
    -to utter; to express, especially in relieving strong feelings


  3. navea pile of wood, etc., for burning a corpse as part of a funeral rite; any pile of combustible materials


  4. scintillate-to give off sparks; to flash; to sparkle
    -to be animated or brilliant


  5. undulate-to submerge or overflow with water; to flood
    -to overwhelm