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  1. phantasm
  2. cauterize
  3. aspiration
  4. flamboyant
  5. pontificate
  1. a a phantom; an apparition; something unreal, as in a dream or a vision
  2. b colored or decorated in a showy way; having a showy appearance or manner
  3. c -strong desire for achievement; ambition toward a long-range goal
    -expulsion of breath in speaking
  4. d -to speak with pompous authority
    -the office of a pontiff; papacy
  5. e to burn with a hot iron or a chemical to destroy abnormal tissue and/or to stop infection and/or bleeding

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  1. shockingly evident; outrageously conspicuous
  2. -the flowing together of two or more elements: streams or rivers, or ideas, influences, or cultures
    -an assembling or flocking together in a crowd
  3. -bubbling up from a liquid
    -very excited; bubbling over with high spirits
  4. -to cause queasiness; to cause to feel sick
    -to cause the feeling of repulsion or disgust
  5. -a revelatory manifestation of a divine being
    -a revelation; a flash of understanding of the true nature of something

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  1. navea pile of wood, etc., for burning a corpse as part of a funeral rite; any pile of combustible materials


  2. pyromaniaa high ridge of land jutting into a body of water; a headland


  3. pyrotechnics-a display of fireworks
    -a spectacular display of virtuosity in music, writing, wit, or other accomplishment


  4. terra cotta-pertaining to the earth and its inhabitants
    -referring to land as distinct from water or air


  5. incendiary-to submerge or overflow with water; to flood
    -to overwhelm