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  1. incendiary
  2. cormorant
  3. hyperbole
  4. pontificate
  5. equanimity
  1. a an exaggeration;a figure expressing excess
  2. b -to speak with pompous authority
    -the office of a pontiff; papacy
  3. c -designed or intended to cause a fire
    -tending to stir up strife; inflammatory
    -a person who maliciously burns his or her own or another's property for monetary advantage
  4. d -a dark, hook-billed sea bird
    -a greedy person
  5. e composure and clam in stressful conditions; equilibrium

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  1. a phantom; an apparition; something unreal, as in a dream or a vision
  2. -able to burn or eat away by chemical action
    -sarcastic; marked by a biting wit
  3. -to cause queasiness; to cause to feel sick
    -to cause the feeling of repulsion or disgust
  4. -an outlet; an opening for passage of liquids, fumes, or sometimes air
    -to utter; to express, especially in relieving strong feelings
  5. -to go to the country
    -to cause to become rustic

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  1. fervidfull of intense passion or zeal


  2. incenseto bury; to place in a grave


  3. conflagrationshockingly evident; outrageously conspicuous


  4. ethereal-the regions of space beyond the earth's atmosphere; the heavens
    -a highly flammable liquid anesthetic


  5. redoundto reflect or come back either favorable or unfavorably (upon a person or thing)