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incentive spirometry

what are the goals of Incentive Spirometry

optimize lung inglation, improve cough mechanism, preoperative clean up, prevent pre op complications, psychological support bc patients can help with their own recovery, gives patient a goal reward system

what are the guidelines for incentive spirometry

patient must be cooperative and motivated, patient should be able to achieve an FVG of 15ml per kg of 1 BW or greater

what are contraindications for incentive spirometry

untreated pneumothorax, hemotisis of unknown origin, patient unable to generate an FVG of 15ml per kg of 1 BW or greater, patient does a valsalva maneuver

what is valsalve

an increase of intrapulmonic pressure as a result of forcing exhalation against a closed glottis. it causes a decrease in venous return to the right side of the heart

during IS how should the patient be positioned

Foler's or Semi Fowlers

During is what should the patients goal be

approx twice their normal VT, or use a nomogram

during IS use how should inspirations be

slow 5-15 seconds with a 2-3 second hold at the end of inspiration

how many manuevors should the patient do when useing IS

10 every hour while awake

What should the patient do when done with the IS manuevor

Cough (strong)

how do you evaluate the effectiveness of IS

absence or improvement in signs of atelectisis, improved cough or ability to cough up secretions, improved breath sounds, WOB easier, increase in VT or vital capacity

how does a spirocare or monaghan IS work

incorporates a laser beam, a spinning disk and a disposable flow tube, revolutions of the spinning disk are correlated to LPM of gas flow

how does a Triflow II IS work

three ping pong balls with different weights are sucked to the top of the device

how does a bartlett Edwards IS work

has a moveable piston enclosed in a cylinder

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