The self


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Self concept
the beliefs a person holds about their own attributes and how they evaluate these qualities
Self esteem
positivity of a persons self concept
Social comparison
consumers evaluating themselves by comparing themselves with others
Actual self
realistic appraisal of the qualities we have and dont have
Ideal self
the concept of how we would like to be
Self-image Congruence
How compatible self concept is with purchase intent, products will be chosen when their attributes match some aspect of the self
Types of Self-image Congruence
Actual Self Congruence: more relevant for functional products
Ideal Self Congruence: more relevant for self-expressive products
Communicating self to others through products
step 1: person buys product symbolic of self
step 2: reference group associates symbolic stimuli with the product
step 3: reference group attributes to person the symbolic qualities of the product
Multiple Selves
-Actual self
-Ideal self
-looking glass self
-ideal social image
-social identities
Symbolic self completion theory
suggests that people who have an in-complete self definition tend to be complete this identity by acquiring and displaying symbols associated with it.
The extended self
external objects that consumers consider apart of themselves:
Individual: personal possessions
Family: consumers residence and furnishings in it
Community: suburb, town which they come from
Group-level: attachments to certain social groups
Sex Roles
important component of a consumers self-concept.
-Female sex roles
-Male sex roles
Sex-roles and decision-making
-automatic decision: one family member chooses a product
-syncratic decision: joint family decisions
Factors determining the different decisions
1. sex-role stereotypes
2. spousal resources
3. experience
4. socioeconomic status
Gender and Identity
basic cognitive construct,cultural classification and political concept that influences/intersects with all aspects on consumer behaviour
Body Image
a consumers subjective evaluation of their physical self
Body Cathexis
a persons feelings about their body
Ideal of beauty
a persons satisfaction with their physical image is affected by how closely that image corresponds to the image valued by their culture
Ethics and Regulations
Advertising Standards Authority: advertisements should observe a high standard of social responsibility