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Unit test study guide.
List in order the taxonomic classification system developed by Linneaus.
(Kings Play Chess On Fine Gold Silk)
Name birds that do not fly.
Ostrich, loon, emu, penguin
What is the skeleton of a sponge composed of?
OF ALL the phyla studied, which have the powers on regeneration? (7)
1. Echinodermata
2. Annelida
3. Platylhelminthes
4. Porifera
5. Nematoda
6. Chordata
7. Cnidaria
Name the 3 parts of a feather.
Shaft, vane, barb(barbules)
Which phylum is made up of entirely of parasites?
Which phyla has organisms possessing bilateral symmetry?(5)
1. Platyhelminthes
2. Nematoda
3. Annelida
4. Arthropoda
5. Mollusca
Give the names of the phyla possessing hermaphroditic organisms. (3)
1. Platyhelminthes
2. Annelida
3. Porifera
How does one contract trichinosis?
By eating undercooked pork
List and give an example of the 3 types of mammal repro.
1. Monotreme = oviporous = lay eggs = playpus
2. Marsupial = pouch = kangaroo
3. Placental = embryo develops in uterus = humans
How many equal parts of the starfish body made of?
Give the scientific name for the arm of a starfish.
Which parts of the starfish are needed in order for the organism.
At least one. (Ray)
How does the starfish respire?
Which structure is found at the tips of each ray of the starfish?
Eye spots
Name an organism that is asymmetrical.
Sponge, snail
Name the 3 classes of the Phylum Mollusca. (use scientific names)
Gastropoda, Cephalopoda, pelecypoda
Name the 3 body parts of the clam.
Head, foot, mantle, visceral mass
Which structure secretes the clam shell?
Name the classes possessing an open circulatory system. (5)
1. Insecta
2. Crustecea
3. Pelecypoda
4. Gastropoda
5. Arachnida
How many pairs of appendages does the crayfish have?
19 prs.
List the 2 body regions of the crayfish.
1. Cepholothorax
2. Abdomen
3 Body regions of an insect
1. head
2. thorax
3. abdomen
What is chiton?
compound making up exoskeleton of arthropods
What are the 2 types of metamorphosis, list the stages, & give an example of each type
complete= egg, larva, pupa, adult = butterfly
imcomplete= egg, nymph, adult = grasshopper
What type of eyes & how many of each do the insects have?
5 eyes, 3 simple, 2 compound
What are the tree subphyla of the Phlyum Chordata?
tunicata, lancelets, vertebrata
what are the characteristics that separate chordates from all other animals?
notochord, postnatal tail, nerve cord, gill slits
list the 10 systems found in chordates
1. digestive
2. respiratory
3. nervous
4. circulatory
5. integumentry
6. endocrine
7. skeletal
8. repro
9. muscular
10. excretory
List the 5prs. of fins found on a bony fish & give the function of each.
dorsal - protect
caudol - propulsion
pectoral - steering
pelvic - balance
anul - balance
how many aortic arches in a earthworm?
list the digestive system of an earthworm
prostomium -> mouth -> pharynx -> esophagus -> crop -> gizzard -> intestine -> anus
list the 5 characteristics of a mammal
endothermic, hair/fur, produce milk, care for young, teeth
name the 4 types of scales found in the class Osteichthyes
placoid, ganoid, cycloid, cteniod
name the 3 conditions that control the sex hormones & spawning in fish
H2O temp., amount of daylight, amount of food
how many chambers in the hearts of a:
Fish = 2
Reptile = 3 (except for crocs = 4)
Amphibian = 3
Bird = 4
Mammal = 4
name & give an example of the 3 types of bony fish
lobefinned = coelcanth
rayfinned = bass
lungfinned = grunion
Describe the teeth of herbivores, carnivores, & omnivores. How are their teeth adapted to their diet?
Herbivores = incisors = plant
carnivores = k9's, premolars/molars = meat
omnivores = all types = plant & meat
give the order names for mammals & an example of each(12)
1. rodentia = rat
2. chiroptera = bat
3. insectivora = aardvark
4. carnivora = tiger
5. primata = ape/gorilla
6. artiodactyla = pig, cow, giraffe
7. cetecea = whale
8. langomorpha = bunny
9. pinnipedia = sealion
10. edentata = anteater
11. perissodactyla = zebra, rhino
12. proboscidea = elephant
explain why most birds eat nuts, berries, insects, nectar, meat
they are high in energy - need energy to fly
name the 2 types of feathers found on a bird & the function of each
contour - strong, lightweight, colored = for flying
down - insulate
what does Platyhelminthes mean?
flat worm
what does Nematoda mean?
round worm
what does Annelida mean?
little rings
what does Echinodermata mean?
spiny skin
what does Arthopoda mean?
jointed foot
what does Amphibia mean?
double life