Great Depression Study Guide (Ch 10)

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buying on margin
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sit-down strikemethod of boycotting work by sitting down at work and refusing to leave the establishmentDust BowlA nickname for the Great Plains regions hit by drought and dust storms in the early 1930sEleanor Rooseveltconvinced FDR to create National Youth Administration to help young workers stay in school.Woody Guthriewrote songs about the dust bowl and the disastrous effects on people's livesSecond New Deala new set of programs in the spring of 1935 including additional banking reforms, new tax laws, new relief programs; also known as the Second Hundred Days.President Roosevelttried to appoint six new Supreme Court Justices immediately after some of his New Deal programs were blocked.Works Progress AdministrationNew Deal agency that helped create jobs for those that needed them. It created around 9 million jobs working on bridges, roads, and airports.What did critics say about the New Deal?Roosevelt had to much power.Why were businesses hurt by the stock market crash?They lost their savings in failed banks and had to close or cut back.Who suffered the most in the Dust Bowl?FarmersWhy did Americans regain faith in banks after the Emergency Banking Act was put into place?It allowed only healthy banks to stay open.Why did Hoover lose the election in 1932?People lost faith in him and blamed him for the Great Depression.What problem did FDR have with the Supreme Court?They ruled many of his New Deal programs unconstitutional.What is one lasting effect of the New Deal?Protection of the savings of bank customers.How did people buy stocks if they couldn't afford it right then?They bought on margin.John SteinbeckAmerican novelist who wrote "The Grapes of Wrath". (1939) A story of Dustbowl victims who travel to California to look for a better life.Why were grass and trees planted in the Dust Bowl?To try and stop soil erosion.One of the major causes of the Great Depression was?Overproduction of goods at a time when the market was shrinking.Mary McLeod BethuneAfrican American educator appointed as an adviser by President Roosevelt