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Make a timeline of the events leading to the writing of the Declaration of Independence.
Organize the characteristics of the muckrakers according to their origin and general theme (PES).
identifying cause and effect
Students assign either the "cause" or "effect" label to several actions, conditions, and other factors related to a major event, decision, or other significance movement in history.
similarities and differences
Compare and contrast characteristics of at least two subjects of a particular topic to find patterns.
finding the main idea
Read a text selection and write a five-word summary.
Students use an essential question or big idea to write at least a 3 to 5 sentence paragraph that brings together the main points of the unit of study.
making generalizations
Look at five visual pieces (map, photo, painting, sculpture, ect.). Write one-word descriptions for each.
making predictions
Read the first line of each paragraph in a provided text. Write a guess about what the paragraph is about.
drawing inferences
Identify the implications of the following three quotations from muckraker literature.
drawing conclusions
Read each chunk of text about nomads and dissemination of technology. Write two possible outcomes for each chunk. Make sure the outcomes are as a result of the stated facts in each.