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Sociology Ch3 part 2 study guide

Read about social scientist who they watched mother interacting with their children and found________.
Goldberg and Lewis found that mothers kept their daughters closer to them. They also touched their daughters more then their sons. At 13 monthes girls stayed closer to their mothers during play, and returned to their mothers more oftern then boys. Goldberg and Lewis concluded that mothers subconsciosly reward daughters for being passive and dependent, and sons for being active and independent.
Gender Socialization
The ways in which society sets children on different paths in life because they are male or female.
Who is encouraged to change more men or weman? Why?
Weman because they can be a superhero but they always have to be sexy.
How do blue collar working families socialize with their young children differently from middle class families?
Sociologist Melvin Kohn found that working class parents are mainly concerned that their children stay out of trouble. For discipline, they tend to use physical punishment. Middle class parent s focus more on developing their childrens curiosity, self-expression, and self-control they try to reason with their children instead of physical punishment. Blue collar workers are ussualy told what to do. Since they expect their children's lives to be like theirs, they stress obedience. Middle-class parents, in contrast, have work that requires more intiative, and they socialize their children into the qualities they find valuable.
What is one of the greatest ironies of caring for young children in poor neighborhoods?
Children from poor neighborhoods are more likely to get in trouble with the law, become pregnant, drop out of school, and have even worse mental health in later life.
Do you think that religion is more or less influentail within society.
I think more influentail.
How did the children who spent the majority of their time in day care compare thos who were cared for at home? Were diferences noted across socio-economic lines? Are you personally suprised by the findings.
Children who spent more time in day care have weaker bonds with their mothers and are less affectionate to them. They are also less cooperative with others and more likely to fight and be "mean". More likely to talk back to teachers and to disrupt the classroom. This holds true regardless of the quality of day care, the family's social class, or whether the child is a boy or girl.
Manifest Function
The intended purpose, beneficial consequences of peoples actions. Of formal eduaction to teach knowledge.
Latent Function
Unintended beneficial consequences of people's actions.
Hidden Curriculum
This term refers to values that, although not explicity taught, are part of a school's "cultural message." For example, the stories and examples that are used to teach math and english may bring with them lessons in patriotism, democracy, justice, and honesty.
Factors that make boys popular.
Athletic ability, coolness, and toughness. low grades
Factors that make girls popular.
Family background, physical appearance (clothing and use of makeup) and abillity to attract popular boys. Good grades
Learning new norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors to match their new situation in life. Example people who start A.A. or college freshman
Total Institutions
A place that is almost totally controlled by those who run it, in which people are cut off from the rest of society and the society is mostly cut off from them. Examples boot camp, prison, concentration camps, convents, some religious cults, military schools
Degradation ceremony
A term coined by Harold Garfinkel to refer to a ritual whose goal is to strip away someones position, in doing so a new social and self identiy is stamped on the individual. Example- mya involve fingerprinting, photographing, and shaving head. Newcomers may be ordered to strip, undergo an examination (often in a humiliating way, semipublic setting) and then put on a uniform that designates their new status.
Childhood is different then 700years ago because back then at age 7 they were working, girls were doing house hold things till they got marryed. The defintion of childhood depends on culture interpretation.
Do all societies recognize adolescence?
In earlier centeries people simply moved up from childhood, with no stopover in between. so ?
Rite of Passage?
To mark the passage of children into adulthood, tribal societies hold "initiation rites"
What is Quinceanera?
Celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday in parts of Latin America and elsewhere in communities of immigrants from Latin America. This birthday is celebrated differently from any other birthday, as it marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood
My Social Class, Gender, and race.
Im a "Proletariat" white male.
Do most healthy 65 year old americans see themselves as old?
People who are in good health today are coming to experience their 60's as not old age.
How has multi-cultralism in education impacted minority students?
To face conflicting cultures is to confront a fork in the road. Some turn one way and withdraw from the new culture. A clue that helps explain why so many Latino's drop out of U.S. schools Others go in opposite direction. Cutting ties with their family and culture roots, they wholeheartedly adopt the new culture.