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Modules 1-3 Quizzes

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Read and choose the option with the correct article to complete the sentence.
Mariana tiene ________
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My name is Julia. In the morning, I eat breakfast and put my books in my backpack. My brother gets ready after me. When I finish breakfast, I brush my teeth, wash my face, and get dressed for school. My brother shaves his face and puts on cologne before he eats breakfast.
If the description were in Spanish, what reflexive verb would be included to describe Julia's routine?
Me llamo Susana Lanos y tengo veinticinco años. Hoy es mi boda. Antes de mi boda, me ducho y me pinto las uñas con esmalte rojo. Me maquillo la cara rápidamente en cinco minutos. Me peino con la plancha de pelo. Para arreglarme, me pongo el vestido de la boda de mi mamá. Mi mamá tiene los aretes y la pulsera de mi abuela. Me pongo los aretes y la pulsera de mi abuela.
Based on the text, what seems least important to Susana, the bride?