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FFA Creed Questions

Why, when there are fewer farmers every year, do you believe in the future of agriculture?
I believe in the future of agriculture because of the need for food and the dependence of the people on the farmers to produce this food.
What are some of the achievements won by present and past generations of agriculturists?
Past- settled the land- broke it up and established farms under extreme hardships.
Present- developed new farming methods which makes them capable of producing more food per farmer than any farmer in the world.
What is ment by "better days through better ways?"
Through better farming methods of producing and marketing the grain, we will have better days.
What are some of the struggles of former years?
some struggles are furtility of the land, drought, hailed out, not able to get crop in land in time
What are some of the better things we nnow enjoy that have come to use from the struggles of former years?
Electricity, modern housing, better ways to handle seeding and livestock feeding
How would you describe a good farm?
One that's large enough to earn a satisfactory living and provide the needs of the family.
In what whys do you think an agricultural career would be pleasant?
Provide an opportunity to work and an opportunity to help produce the most essential thing in life- the food we eat.
What are some of the discomforts of agricultural life?
Long hours sometimes are required, poor prices, high expenses, poor conditions, etc.
What is ment by "inborn fondness?"
You have a feeling for things of an agricultural nature.
Why should there ever be hours of discouragement on the farm?
Loss of crop and livestock, hailed out, drought, poor prices, etc.
What do you mean by leadership from ourselves?
Furnish the leadership ourselves instead of waiting for someone else to take the lead
Why do you think agriclutural people deserve respect from others?
Because of their accomplishments in production of food and the ability of a few million farmers to feed over 200 million peole.
Should a boy/girl have confidence in their own abilitly?
Yes, deffinatly, if you dont respect your own ability to do something, it's going to be hard to accomplish any task.
Where do you expect to secure the knowledge and skill you will need?
If your going to school or working on a job. you can learn many new occupational skills, or gettin advice from experienced people.
What, in your opinion, is a progressive agriculturist?
One who takes the lead and puts into practice new methods - one who isn't afraid to innovate.
How can we serve both our own and the public interest in producing and marketing the product of out toil?
By getting a fair price for our products, such as grain or livestock, farmers will be able to keep on producing food for everyone.
Why should there be less dependence on begging?
People should be able to negotiate and bargain for prices.
How can farmers gain more power in bargaining?
Farmers can organize so that they can negotiate and bargain.
What is meant by "the life abundant?"
enough for everyone
Define "honest wealth."
Money and property we have earned through our own work and the years of our labor.
Whose happiness depends upon you?
Parents, friends, teachers, or any other people who I'm associated with.
What is meant by "rural America?"
Small towns and wherever food is grown.
What are some of the best traditions of our national life?
Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of the Press, etc
How can you exert an influence in your home and community?
By taking part in home and community activities without being asked, by offering you talents and abilities whenever possible.
What is that "inspiring task?"
trying to develop myself into a better, more progressive leader, so I might serve my community in a better manner and make it a better place to live, work, and play.
Who wrote the FFA Creed?
Erwin Milton Tiffany wrote the creed in 1928
When was it adopted officially by the FFA?
adopted at the 3rd National Convention in 1930