HUM230A - Quiz 12

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We use the term scale when we want to describe the size of objects _________ to others like them or to things around them.
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A representation of a Swiss Army knife in Venice was made to depict a _________.shipThe ancient Greek sculptor Polykleitos is credited with developing _________ to depict the ideal human figures and the physical manifestation of his canon was his _________.a canon of proportions; DoryphorusAncient Greek philosophers and mathematicians believed in the concept of _________, which is mathematically expressed as AB: BC = BC: AC.The Golden MeanThe Golden Rectangle was considered by the Greeks to be the most pleasing rectangle, as evidenced in the _________, whose width is 1.618 times its height.ParthenonBy rotating a diagonal of a square both ways a figure called ________ is created.spiralIn the 13th century, a mathematician called _________ discovered that the ratio 5:8 is part of an infinite series of numbers that all approach the "golden" 1.618.FibonacciThe swelling of the columns in the Parthenon, intended to compensate for optical distortions that occurs when the naked eye views straight lines from a distance, is known as _________.entasisUntold numbers of harmonious and orderly compositions, such as Michelangelo's The Fall of Man and the Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, use the _________ as their foundation.root five rectangleThe motion and restraint seen in Jack Tworkov's Untitled (abstraction of triangular lines) is based entirely on _________.Fibonacci numberscanon of proportionsa set of rules about relative body dimensions that become the standard for creating the ideal figurecontrappostothe contrast of tension and relaxation in the bodyscalesize of objects in relation to others like them or to things around thementasisthe swelling of the columns in the ParthenonGolden Rectanglethe longer side of the rectangle is 1.618 times the length of its shorter sidemeasurethe extent of anything especially as determined by a standardproportioncomparative relationship or ratio of things to one anotherGolden Meanpart of a work should relate to a larger part of the work as the larger part relates to the wholehierarchical scalinguse of relative size to indicate the relative importance of the objects or people being depictedroot five rectanglethe length of the rectangle is 2.236 times its width