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St. Augustine

founded in 1565


multicultural paradise; located on Atlantic coast

Florida Keys

connected by 42 bridges

Bahía Honda

famous bridge out 42

La Pequeño Habana

Cuban district in Miami

Cape Canaveral

exists in harmony with Merritt Island wildlife refuge

Everglades park

only place where crocodiles and alligators live alongside eachother


culinary tradition that combines the flavors of the Caribbean and Florida


produce straw baskets in the Everglades


painted by Xavier Cortada

Croquetas y empanandas

Cuban finger food sold everywhere in Miami

Cuban flan

typical dish in Pequeño Habana

Calle Ocho

painted by Mildrey Guillot


Circulo Cubano

Juan Ponce de Leon

Spanish explorer who called peninsula Florida

Festival of Jazz Latino

festival in March

Carnival of Miami

ends with great Calle Ocho festival


clothing sizes


shoe sizes

Calle Ocho festival

celebrates city's Hispanic culture


short sleeved shirts

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