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How many of the followin hormones are produced by the anterior pituitary? FSH, ADH, LH, GH, PRL4A 7 year old boy lives in a remote part of the world and develops a tumor on his anterior pituitary leading to excessively high levels of GH (growth hormone). He is checked by doctors when he is 13 years old. What will they most likely observe?He has grown excessively tallA blood sample shows elevated levels of somatomedins. Which pituitary hormone will be elevated as well?Growth hormoneIf someone has a tumor in their adrenal cortex causing them to produce high levels of cortisol, what would show up on a blood test?High levels of cortisol, but low ACTHTrue or false? The posterior pituitary gland synthesizes 2 hormones: ADH and oxytocin.FalseThe hormones of the adrenal medulla belong to which chemical class of hormones?Amino acid derived hormonesThe specialized cells in the parathyroid glands that secrete parathormone (PTH) are called:Chief cellsIf someone suffers from Grave's disease which of the following treatments would be helpful to return the body to homeostasis?Treatment with PTUThe zona fasciculata of the adrenal cortex produces hormones called glucocorticoids. They are called this because...Glucocorticoids elevate blood glucose levelsWhich of the following statements is false? A. Long durations of elevated melatonin might cause depression in people living in Seattle in winter B. Melatonin is derived from the amino acid tryptophan C. Melatonin inhibits the ability to make sperm and ova in seasonally breeding animals like sheep D. Dr. Brezynski may look odd and angry on an airplane that has blue lights on at nightC. Melatonin inhibits the ability to make sperm and ova in seasonally breeding animalsA Caucasian patient visits the doctor's office displaying very darkened pigmentation of their skin, what might this be a sign of?Addison's diseaseA patient comes to the doctor's office complaining of polyuria, and polydipsia. The doctor does not find glucose in their urine. Which of the following disorders is most likely?Diabetes insipidisIf we consider male reproductive hormones, the hormone synthesized in the hypothalamus that initiates release of pituitary hormones is:TestosteroneIn the male reproductive system, where are you MOST likely to find receptors for LHInterstitial cellsThe dominant hormone of the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle isProgesteroneThink about hormone feedback in the ovarian cycle. In women between the ages of 40-55, circulating levels of estrogens decline, what is this coupled with?An increase in circulating levels of FSH & LHWhy might a physician prescribe Clomid to a patient?As a fertility drug to improve a woman's chances of getting pregnantIs this statement true or false or only partially true? Consider a 30 year old woman. In her monthly ovarian cycle, elevated estrogen/estradiol levels always cause negative feedback at the hypothalamus, inhibiting FSH and LH secretion.Partially true. You get negative feedback by estrogen for most, but not all, days of the ovarian cycleA woman, without any hormonal imbalances, has a 24 day ovarian cycle and ovulates on day 10. If she has sexual intercourse on day 6 of her cycle, could she become pregnant as a result?Yes, it is possibleWhat is shed at menstruation?The stratum functionalis of the endometriumUsual site of fertilizationDistal third of fallopian tubeBecomes erect during orgasmClitorisChamber that houses developing fetusUterusWhat is released at ovulationSecondary oocyteMeiosis has two rounds of cell division. At the end of meiosis I, which of the following is true?2 daughter cells are produced that are haploidPut these structures in order as you would find them in a human body from superficial to deep: 1. Hymen, 2. Oocyte, 3. Ovary, 4. Thecal cells, 5. Vagina1, 5, 3, 4, 2Which is the best definition of the term "homologous pair" of chromosomes?A chromosome pair that contains the same genes, but each chromosome may have different versions (alleles) of those genesHow is the generation of 4 sperm possible from 1 spermatogonium?Meiosis I yields two haploid secondary spermatocytes, which go through meiosis II and become four haploid spermatids.Identify the structure labeled ABladderGametesHaploidZygoteDiploidInterstitial cellLeydig cellNurse cellSertoli cellThe seminal vesiclesSecrete fructose rich fluidFetal development begins at the start of theNinth week after fertilizationInfertility may result if a man has a sperm count below:20 million sperm/ml of semenWhen meiosis (and the process of oogenesis) is fully completed what has been formed from the original oogonium?One ovum plus non-functional polar bodiesHormones produced by the placental include:All of these hormones (hCG, estrogen, progesterone, relaxin) are produced by the placenta