20 terms

Boating Test Part 1

Type of fire it is designed to extinguish
What does the letter 'B' on a B-1 fire extinguisher indicate?
Open all doors and windows
What should you do before starting an inboard gasoline engine?
Navigation lights
What devices must vessels have aboard when operating between sunset and sunrise?
It will not turn most unconscious wearers face up
What is a characteristic of a Type III PFD?
When it has a rip or tear
When is a USCG-approved PFD considered not serviceable?
A date and time to contact the authorities
What information should a float plan contain?
the maximum number of persons and weight the boat should carry
What does a boat's capacity plate designate?
a buildup of dark clouds
Which is a common first indicator of an approaching thunderstorm?
They pose hazards both above and below dams
Which is characteristic of low head dams?
How many fire extinguishers are required for an 18-foot powerboat with installed fuel tanks?
Keep engines, motors, and fans turned off
What safety precaution should you take while filling the fuel tank of a gasoline-powered boat?
Make sure all aboard are wearing USCG-approved PFDs
Which safety precaution should a boat operator take first when boating in stormy weather?
In what part of the boat are gasoline fumes most likely to accumulate?
to reduce the risk of fire
Why should bilges be kept clean and free of trash?
Pull the trailer well away from the boat ramp
What is the first thing you should do after loading a boat onto a trailer?
Where must registration numbers be displayed?
When selecting a PFD, what should be the most important consideration?
When paddling a canoe at night, you should carry which piece of equipment to help avoid a collision?
everyone on aboard
On a recreational boat, the location of emergency equipment should be reviewed before departure with which persons?
a whistle or horn
According to the Navigation Rules, which must be aboard a 22-foot powerboat?