how was herbert hoover politically experienced by the time he ran for president?
1. run the food administration in america following the war
2. served as secretary of commerce under two presidents
result of 1928 election
1. a landslide victory for hoover
2. the breakup of the "solid south" in voting
hoover's presidency experienced the end of prosperity and good feelings, less than 1 year after hoover inaugration
U.S. longest enetered longest and most severe economis crisis
cause of depression in america
stock markey speculation.
lack of diversification in american industry.
a worldwide depression.
a misdistribution of wealth.
lost jobs in 1920's were helped by..?
in attemptign to deal with the depression, hoover....did what?
...instituted the national credit corporation to underwrite banks.ask americans with jobs to help their less fortunate neighbors.establish committees to coordinate volunteer efforts to help the unemployed. continue to beleive that american self-reliance and volunteerism would cure the depression.
depression affected americans..how?
tens of thousands of mexicans were deported anad many others fled the united states. native americans continued to suffer from a legacy of neglect that had endured for decades. black encountered violence from whites when unemployed whites wanted their jobs.
popular past times in depression
listening to comedy programs like amos'n'andy. following the radio toils and tribulations of soap operas. listening to swing music played by jazz bans. going to the movies.
what did roosevelt pledge to americans?
A "new deal" for the people downcast by the depression
"bonus marchers" in 1932 were....?
World War I veterans who marched on Washington to lobby for immediate cash payments of their veterans' bonuses
outcome of bonus army march was that congress gave marchers....?
Nothing and the president authorized the use of military force to make them leave
presidential campaign of 1932, hoover..?
Was haunted by the public's perception of his role in the depression
event between hoovers defeat and roosevelts inauguration was..?
The nation's banks began to close their doors and a banking crisis ensued
roosevelts response to the banking crisis
1. Assuring the Americans by radio that they could entrust their money to any banks allowed to reopen
2. Proposing the emergency banking act
3. Declaring a bank holiday which closed banks for four days
4. Demonstrate that his primary mission was to preserve capital
"hundred days" refers to...?
The period immediately after FDR's first inauguration
young men were hired to clear land, plant trees, build bridges, and fight fires by the..?
Civilian conservation corps
TVA (tennessee valley authority)
It build dams and hydroelectric plants in several poor states
agricultural adjustment act, government paid subsidies to farmers who..?
Reduced their crop production
farmers helped most by AAA...?
Large landowners
critics of the new deal
1. Frances Townsend
2. Huey Long
3. Father Couglin
wagner act
social security act
The new deal legislation that created a national pension fund, an unemployment insurance policy and a several public assistance programs for the elderly and disabled
revenue act
federal emergency releif act
1936 election...winner?
Roosevelt won a smashing victory
why did african americans vote for democrates?
1. The WPA gave blacks jobs in northern cities while the PWA built black schools and hospitals
2. Blacks admired the efforts of Eleanor Roosevelt, who visited black colleges and socialized with black women during an age of segregation
3. Mary McLeod Bethane, a prominent African America, was named by FDR to head the NYA's office of negro affairs
4. Blacks liked the new deal because it gave jobs and assistance to Americans regardless of race
during franklins presidency
No civil rights legislation was passed
Fdr's proposal that drew the most oppostion from the american people was his plan to
Enlarge the supreme court
unemployment rate in 1933(height of depression)
1929 and 1932 farmers in dust bowl of south and midwest experienced..?
1. Overproduction in agriculture
2. High temperatures
3. A decline in rainfall
4. Suffocating dust storms
in response to the depression, american social values...?
Seemed to change relatively little
commercial films of 1930's were
Often deliberately and explicitly escapists
popular entertainment shows/movies/literature of the depression reflected america's desire to
ecape the economic problems of the day
1930-1931 hoovers situation deteriorated even further...why?
1. The republicans lost heavily in the 1930 elections
2. Many Americans were holding him personally responsible for the crisis
3. The banking structure in Europe collapsed
4. Americans began using the term "Hoovervilles to describe shanty towns of the unemployed
roosevelts strongest asset in restoring confidence to american public was his..?
Confidence, optimism, and ability in public relations
during the depression, black americans suffered hardships that were caused by what?
1. Blacks not receiving their share of relief benefits
2. Continuing racial prejudice in the nation
3. white seeking positions formerly held by blacks
4. The sharecropping system becoming unprofitable
what was dorthea lange famous for?
Her photographic depiction of the depression
national industrial recovery act primary intent was....?
to Increase prices and production on industrial goods
securities and exchange commission
regulate stock market
reason Al smith not elected in 1928
He was a catholic
on right beleived new deal gone too far and was too radical formed organization called?
the american liberty league
scottboro case?
1. The American communist party aided the boys in their defense in an attempt to gain black supporters
2. An all-white jury found discriminated against the boys because of their race
3. The supreme court overturned their first convictions
4. There is overwhelming evidence that the girls were not raped
The new deal legislation that created a national pension fund, an unemployment insurance policy and a several public assistance programs for the elderly and disabled was
Social security act
the civillian conservation corp pursued the objective of
1. Providing employment to millions of young men
2. Preventing urban crime and violence
3. Creating jobs for men who could not find work in the cities
4. Advancing conservation deforestation
federal emergency releif administraion?
a welfare program where participants were on "the dole"
tennessee valley authority?
provided electricity the impoverished rural areas
federal deposit insurance coporation
protected small depositors against bank failures