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Is the perceived relevance of the object based on consumers inherent needs, values and interests
e.g. ranges between, Inertia/low level of involvement and passion/high level of involvement
Factors Influencing Involvement
-Person Factors e.g needs, importance, values, interests
-Object/stimulus Factors e.g. differentiation of alternatives
-Situational Factors e.g. purchase/use, occassion
Types of Involvement
-Product Involvement e.g. level of interest in product
-Message-response Involvement e.g. differentiation of alternatives
-Purchase situation Involvement e.g. differences of buying same objects in different contexts
Possible results of Involvement (Product)
-Importance of the product class
-Differences in product attributes
-Preference of brand choice
Possible results of Involvement (Message-response)
-elicitation of counter ads
-effectiveness of ads
Possible results of Involvement (Purchase situation)
-Influence of price
-amount of information search
-time spent evaluating alternatives
-type of decision-rule used in choice
Measuring Involvement (Involvement Profile)
1. personal interest surrounding product/its meaning/importance
2. perceived importance of potential negative product choice consequences
3. the probability of making a bad choice
4. the pleasure value of the product category
5. the sign value of the product category/how it relates to the self
Strategies to increase involvement
- appeal to hedonic needs
- use novel stimuli e.g. unique advertisements
- use prominent stimuli e.g. loud music/ fast actions in ads
- include celebrity endorsers
- build bonds/relationships with consumers