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5th Grade Study Skills

If you are unclear on what to do,
reread the question. If you are still unclear, ask the teacher.
Answer _________ questions first.
Never skip a question and return to it later. Is that true or false?
If you skip a question for later,
mark or star the question AND put a star (with numbers) at the top of that page
For True-False questions, if you are unsure of an answer,
look for qualifiers.
For a multiple choice question, if you are unsure or an answer,
look for key words
If you have to guess on a true-false question, you have a ______chance of getting it correct.
If you have to guess on a multiple choice test, you usually have a _____chance of getting it correct.
Statements that are definitions are usually _______.
For a true-false questions, if a statement contains TWO negatives,
get rid of both negatives to make the statement easier to understand.
For ANY type of question, you should...
Know the subject matter well.
NEVER leave a question _________
Absolute qualifiers leave ____ room for exception.
If a true-false question has an NON-absolute qualifier,
it is probably true.
NON-absolute qualifiers leave ____ room for exception.
If any part of the answer is false,
the entire answer is false.
In a multiple choice question, the ______ is the first part of the statement.
On a multiple choice question, a ____ is an answer choice which is incorrect.
When taking a matching test, work down _____ column at a time.
Avoid ______ self-talk where you tell yourself that you are going to bomb this test.
To promote positive self-talk, picture yourself doing _____ on a test.
What is the FIRST step in avoiding or reducing anxiety before a test.
STUDY the night before!!!!!
If you shake your arms down beside you, you will release ______.
One good anxiety technique, take a deep breath and then ______ slowly.
As soon as you receive your test, write down _____ in the margin or at the top of the test.
important formulas, dates, information that you are afraid you will forget
Why should you ask how many points each question is worth?
So that you will know which questions should receive the most time and attention
Why answer easy questions first?
You can "get them out of the way" and leave more time for the harder questions.
What might happen if you try to answer the difficult questions first?
You might get STUCK on one question and then run out of time for all the other questions, many of which you might actually know the answer to.
When taking a test, BE AWARE OF THE ___.
On test day, eat a good ___.
Study with a friend or _____ before a test.
If you are sick and miss class, as soon as you get back to school you should
Copy class notes from another student (WHO TAKES GOOD NOTES)
If you read a question on a test and you don't understand the question, you should
ask the teacher to rephrase the question.
It is best to AVOID missing a test, but if you are sick,
take the test as soon as you can after you get back to school.
List three things to do to prepare for a test.
1. Complete any Review Worksheet that your teacher provides. 2. Read all chapter summaries. 3. Do Chapter review questions in the textbook.
List five questions to ask when a teacher announces an approaching test.
a. Will this test have matching on it? b. Will this test be true/false? c. Will there be an essay? If so, will you give us some CHOICES of topics ahead of time? d. How many points is each question worth? e. What should I study? Notes? Chapters? Handouts? Worksheets?
CIRCLE any ______ words in the question. (e.g., compare, analyze, diagram, etc.)
On an essay question, Answer EVERYTHING you are asked. (That's why you ______ the direction words.)
For an essay question, use an outline or a ____ _____ to organize your thoughts.
graphic organizer
How do you come up with a thesis statement for an essay question?
REPHRASE THE QUESTION TO BEGIN YOUR ANSWER. This becomes your thesis statement or topic sentence.
On an essay question, if you can't remember an answer, JUST ___ ______ ! Look ANYWHERE on the test for hints.
On an essay test, if you run out of time, ____ the info.
An essay answer must have THREE things. List them.
1. THESIS or topic sentence. 2. BODY (which gives examples.) 3. CONCLUSION
On an essay test, leave SEVERAL _____ between your answers in case you want to go back later to add more info.
Especially on an essay test, Be NEAT!!! Why?
If the teacher cannot read your writing, you will not earn full-value points.
On a true/false test, read each question and circle any ____ that you see.