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Immigration/Growth of Cities

How did nativist react to immigration
Nativists reacted badly to immigration, they were against it and wanted to limit the number of immigrants coming into the US.
What were conditions like in the tenements? How did people and the cities deal with these problems?
Conditions ere very poor in the tenements they were unhealthy and sometimes dangerous.
How was education improved in the late 1800s?
Government passed laws to make all kids go to school
How did immigrants assimilate in American culture? Which group assimilated the quickest?
The children assimilated the quickest the immigrants assimilated by talking to american people
What sports were popular in the late 1800s?
Baseball was the #1 sport then came football and basketball
Describe newspapers in the late 1800s
New printing methods lowered the price added pictueres to attract readers also used major events, fashion and sports in it.
How did cities change in their apperance in the late 1800s?
There were sky Scrappers, electic streetcars (troly) and subways. Also added parks and zoos another new thing was department stores with display windows
Why did anti-immigant feelings grow?
Immigrants were taking jobs for little pay and they were known for spreading crime and disease
What were the push factors for immigrating to America.
Push factors were crop failures, revolutiions failed, over population, no freedoms such as economic,political and religious freedoms.
Push - Harsh British rule potato famimine
Pull - Freedom
Push political unrest and failure to revolution Pulll Freedom
Push-Over population lack of land crop failures Pull Freedom & alot of land
Push-Over population poverty need for $ Pull land and jobs
Push under harsh german rule Pull freedom
Push religious persicution poveryty Pull
Push Failure of revolution Pull freedom political economic
Old Immigrants
Northern and Western Europe came between 1820's -1870's mostly protestant/catholic language & culture was similar to American
New Immigrants
Southern and Eastern Europe Russia, italy, asia japan & china)late 1880's-1920 language & culture very different from americans mostly jews and catholic associated with disease and crime
Why did cities begin to build sky scrappers? Why were they able to build them?
Cities began to build sky scrappers because it made more living space and tenements were too dangerous. and easly spread fires because it was made of all wood. They were able to build skyscrappers because of light weight steel and elevators made it possible to build more storie
What was the Grat Migrations? Why did it occur?
Thre Great Migration was when Afican Americans leaving the south moving into northern cities
The Poor
most lived in the old sections of cities lived in crowded slums and tenements dirty smelly crowded
Middle Class
doctors lawyers managers officers
lived on the outskirts of cities or towns in big mansions