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Sudden unexpected surges in anxiety with physical symptoms, including increased heartbeat, shortness of breath, and loss of equilibrium, are symptoms most closely associated with which psychological disorder?Panic DisorderAccording to Maslow, basic human needs are ranked in the following order (base of the pyramid to the top) as they DECREASE in urgency:physiological needs, safety, being loved, maintaining self-esteem, self-actualizationEustress:is stress that is triggered by something pleasant or positiveThe belief in one's ability to be successful in the performance of a given task is termed:self-efficacyThe biggest single time-management problem for most people is:procrastinationWhich of the following body reactions is characteristic of the stress response?Your blood pressure increasesWhich of the following is a risk factor that increases the likelihood of suicide?suicide of a family member or friendAccording to the PPT on mental and emotional health, people with an optimistic view of the events in their lives have better physical health and lower mortality rates than people who are more pessimisticTrueSuicide is the second leading cause of death among high school and college age studentsTrueThe fight-or-flight response prepares the body for physical action regardless of the actionTrueAccording to standards issued by the National Institutes of Health, a healthy BMI is between18.5and 24.9Muscular strength is theamount of force a muscle can produce with a single maximum effortA 220 pound male with 12% body fat will generally become intoxicated more quickly (all other things being equal) that a 220 pound male with 32% body fat.FalseTarget heart rate is the range of rates which you should exercise to obtain cardiorespiratory endurance.TrueSaturated fats are primarily found in:animal food sources and are solid at room temperatureThe ability of the body to perform prolonged, large-muscle, dynamic exercise at moderate-to-high levels of intensity is:cardiorespiratory enduranceThe recommendation for total calories in one's diet indicates that we should get most of our calories from:carbohydratesThe recommended daily intake of fiber for women is ____ grams and for men is ____ grams.25; 38The recommended daily intake of protein is ________ of total daily calories.10-35%When using Waist to Hip ratio to assess increased risk for disease, increased risk is above ____ for women and above _____ for men..82; .94Which addictive behavior typically means a person must give up more of his or her time, attention and resources to the behavior?escalation8 out of 10 people who share injection needles test positive for HIV/AIDSFalseWhich of the following drug factors is defined as " the relationship between the amount of drug taken and the type and intensity of the resulting effect"?dose-response functionWhich of the following drugs is NOT categorized as an opiod?MDMA (ecstasy)Which of the following drug's short-term effects include "altered states of perception and feeling; nausea, increased heart rate, blood pressure; delirium; and, impaired motor function."LSDA pregnant woman who smokes has an increased risk of:All of the aboveAbout how long after quitting smoking can a person expect for the body's oxygen levels return to normal?8 hoursAccording to the PPT, it is estimated that Environmental Tobacco Smoke is responsible for _____ cancer deaths and _______ deaths from Heart Disease.3400; 46,000The first step for first aid for suspected alcohol poisoning is:Call 911The leading preventable cause of death among Americans is:smokingWhich of the following has the BIGGEST impact on sobriety after a person has consumed alcohol?TimeA 220 pound male with 12% body fat will generally become intoxicated more quickly (all other things being equal) that a 220 pound male with 32% body fat.FalseAppalachian has an Alcohol Medical Amnesty policy for students.TrueIn general, a typical beer has the same amount of alcohol as a typical glass of wine or typical mixed drink (ie, a drink is a drink is a drink).TrueIn North Carolina, a person who is mentally incapacitated (including impairment from alcohol or other drugs) cannot legally consent to sexual intercourse.TrueAccording to the chapter on Intimate Relationships, _______ as a quality of friendship is defined as "friends are secure in the knowledge that they will not intentionally hurt each other".TrustAssertiveness is characterized most by:honest communicationBased on Sternberg's Love Triangle, the objective for most people is:Consummate loveOne difference between heterosexual and homosexual couples is that same-sex partnerships tend to __________.be more equalThe three keys of good communication in a relationship include all of the following EXCEPT:critical analysisWhich of the following is an example of an assertive quality?Can give/receive compliments gracefullyAccording to the research on social circles, people report fewer close friends than they did 20 years ago.TrueThe primary goal of conflict resolution is to remove all conflict from a relationshipFalseIdentify the following structures of the male reproductive system: female reproductionNumber 1 is: Fallopian tube Number 2 is Ovary Number 3 is: CervixIdentify the following structures of the male reproductive system: Male ReproductionNumber 1 is: Testicle Number 2 is: Epididymis Number 3 is: Cowper's glandThe first phase of ovulation-menstruation is:MensesThe first stage of labor is characterized bythe cervix beginning to dilateThe period during which both the male and the female reproductive system matures (and develops secondary sex characteristics) is called:pubertyThe ___________ provides a two-way exchange of nutrients and waste materials between the mother and the fetus.placentaWhen it comes to breastfeeding, ____________ has protein and antibodies that help protect the newborn from infectious diseases.ColostrumCircumcision is a medically necessary procedure for most males.FalseFrom the presentation on Media and Sexuality, by the first grade most children have spent the equivalent of ___ school year(s) in front of the tv set.3From the presentation on Media and Sexuality, it is unrealistic to expect youth to deconstruct media messages because advertisers tend to use complex ideas to sell their products.FalseA contraceptive that physically blocks the sperm from reaching the egg isa barrier methodAll of the following sexually transmitted diseases are incurable EXCEPTsyphilisMifepristone (the medical abortion also known as RU 486) is approved for use for up to _____ days after the last menstrual period.49Of the following, the most effective approach to avoiding STDs is:correct and consistent condom useOral contraceptives primarily prevent conception bypreventing ovulation and thickening cervical mucusWhich of the following is linked to the development of cervical cancer?genital HPV infectionWhich of the following should be considered a permanent method of contraception?Tubal ligationWhich one of the following statements is TRUE regarding gonorrhea?Most women with gonorrhea have no symptomsWhich order of contraception has the highest to lowest effectiveness against pregnancy?Male sterilization; contraceptive implants (Implanon); female condom; withdrawalWhen a woman goes in for a pap/pelvic exam, she is automatically screened for STDs.False35% of Americans live in counties where the air is unhealthful at least some of the time.FalseWhere is the fastest-growing portion of our waste stream coming from?EWasteWhat percentage of the world's fresh water is readily accessible for human use?Less than 1%