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US companies stopped investing in Germany

European economies were hurt during the Depression when

The dust bowl

A major environment crisis of the 1930s was known as


In 1933, the twenty-first amendment brought and end to

the responsibilities of the federal government

The 1932 presidential election served as a turning point in the way Americans viewed

More goods were being produced than consumers could buy

What was a sign of an unsound economy during the 1920s?

the federal government should try to fix people's problems

A fundamental disagreement between the candidates in the 1932 presidential election concerned whether or not

could not return depositors' money

After the Crash, thousands of American banks closed, because they

all levels of society

During the depression, wage cuts and unemployment eventually affected

could not pay their mortgages

Many farms were auctioned off when farmers

Keep bids low

What did some people agree to do when a foreclosed farm was auctioned?

the empire state building

What was one dramatic symbol of hope during the Depression?

provide government credit to banks

The reconstruction finance corporation aimed to

used force

To get the bonus army marchers to leave the capital, General MacArthur

a New Deal for Americans

Roosevelt easily won the 1932 presidential election by promising

to inspect the financial health of banks

Why did FDR declare a 'bank holiday' early in his administration?

National Recovery Administration (NRA)

What New Deal agency was created to help businesses?

a wave of legislation including more social welfare benefits

What was the Second New Deal?

They manipulated people with half-truths and scare tactics

Why are Huey Long and Father Charles E Coughlin referred to as demagogues?

FDR's attempt to 'pack' the supremes court

What aroused the greatest opposition?

a restored sense of hope among the people

What was part of the New Deal legacy?

pushed Congress to pass legislation to improve the economy

In his first few months in office, President Roosevelt

actively and aggressively promoting the New Deal

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt defied tradition by

going too far in its attempts to reform the economy

Many republicans criticized the New Deal for

increased federal borrowing

The recession of 1937 was caused in part by

He pushed Congress to pass legislation to improve the economy

What best characterizes Roosevelt's first hundred days in office?

By giving financial assistance to farmers

How did Roosevelt's programs help farmers?

He won by a landslide

What best describes Roosevelt's bid for re-election in 1936?

some short-term economic improvement

The massive government spending of the New Deal led to

Civilian Conservation Corps.

All of the following New Deal agencies still endure today except the


shanty towns built by the homeless during the Great Depression

Black Tuesday

October 29, 1929

Hawley-Smoot Tariff

1930 import tax, the highest in history

Twenty first amendment

The _____ , ratified in 1933, repealed the ban on alcoholic beverages

John Maynard Keynes

Economist who believed that massive government spending programs could revive a failing economy

New Deal

Roosevelt's program of relief, recovery, and reform

Wagner Act

Legislation that allowed collective bargaining and set up a National Labor Relations Board

Hundred days

Early in his administration, FDR pushed many programs through Congress in the period known as the ______ _______

Tennessee Valley Authority

The ______ provided new jobs, cheap electric power, flood control, and recreation for its region

Social Security System

Funded through contributions from employers and worker, the ______ established several types of social insurance

New Deal

Roosevelt's program of relief, recovery, and reform

Public works program

government-funded projects to build public facilities

Tennessee Valley authority

project that helped farmers and created jobs by re-activating hydroelectric power facility


an alliance of groups with similar goals

national debt

the total amount of borrowed money the federal government has yet to pay back

American Liberty League

group that spearheaded much of the opposition to the New deal

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