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Many drivers get into serious trouble while driving a vehicle because

they do not understand the legal responsibilities of having a license

if you move you must report your change of address to the Field operations bureau within

10 days

Parents, when signing for their child under 18 years of age are indicating

that they are accepting financial responsibility- it is good for one year

what is the earliest a montana drivers license can be renewed prior to the license expiration date?

6 months

At what blood alcohol content does the law state you are under the influence of alcohol?


Your driving record is used

by the state and your insurance company to establish how safely you drive

What is a probationaary license?

A license restricted to essential driving only

Headlights are required at any time you cannot see persons or vehicles for 500 feet and

1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise

A leaking exhaust system can

make you drowsy when driving

Turn signals must be visible for

300 feet

on the back of a vehicle, a sign with this shape means

this is a slow moving vehicle and it will not be going more than 25 MPH

The law requires safety belt use

for all people in the car, when your car has air bags, and every time you drive

New residents must apply within ____ consecutive days


Driver license numer is a _____ ______ number

system generated

If you have a valid driver license issued by the jurisdiction from which you move, you may use it for ___ days before getting a montana license


Vehicles must emit white or amber lights to the front and red or amber lights to the rear visible for _____ feet


Whenever a load extends ____ feet or more beyond the body of the vehicle, there shall be a red light visible for 500 feet at night, or a read flag during the day

4 feet

Many railroad crossings have signs or signals to warn drivers. Stop if there is any questions about


A solid yellow line on your side of the road means

that you cannot pass over the center line

never cross the center line unless

passing or making a left turn maneuver

you maynot pass if the solid yellow line is

on your side

If you approach a turn into the wrong lane or have forgotten to signal you should

proceed, get into the proper lane, go to the next intersection, signal and turn

On two lane roads it is permissible to drive a motor vehicle to the left of the center line when

overtaking and passing another vehicle

how much room do you need to pass safely?

1/3 of a mile

it is the driver's responibility to be alert for _____ and to yeild the right of way


Blue flashing lights are always the ____


when you hear a siren you should

pull over to the right edge of the road and follow any directions given on the vehicles loud speaker. If at an intersection, go through it and then pull over

When meeting a school bus from any direction you should

not proceed until the read lights have been shut off

A driver in a funeral procession may not drive faster than ____ MPH

55 on a highway, or more than 5 miles below the posted speed limit on other streets

If you are the first vehicle or the last in a funeral procession you should

have your flashing lights going

In order to park in a handicapped spot you

have to have a handicap liscense plate or tag

vehicles parked on a roadway or shoulder during hours of darkness shal have lights front and rear visible for

500 feet

When encountering a funeral procession, a person must

not drive between the vehicles, not enter an intersecton to cross the path of one, yield the right of way to all vehicles in the procession

9 out of 10 accidents are caused by

human error

When pulling away from a curb you should

signal, look over left shoulder, look in your mirror and pull out when it is safe

Night driving rerquires that you consider not only the speed limit but also

the conditions of the road, car, and weather

anytime persons or vehicles are not visible for _____ feet due to insufficient light conditions you shall turn on your headlights


headlights on upper beam (bright) shall reveal persons and vehicles for ____ ft


headlights on low beam shall reveal persons and vehicles for ___ ft


You should dim your lights within ____ feet of meeting a vehicle


You should dim your lights within ___ feet when following a vehicle


Although sunglasses are a big help during the day, they

reduce visibility dangerously at night

If you have car troubles,

move to the right out of traffic. If it is ngiht, leave your parking lights and or dimmed headlights on

when you are fatigued you should

stop every 2 hours, sing, open the windows

When you are going to change directions you should warn other drivers by

slowing down, by your vehicle position, or eye contact

If you become stranded in a snow storm you should

stay in the car

on cold, wet days, _____ spots may be icy


why is the pavement very slippery for the first few minutes after a snow rain on a hot day?

heat causes oil in the asphalt to come to the surface

what is hydroplaning?

when your tires actually start to float on a film of water

what does it mean to keep pace with traffic?

drive with the flow of traffic, passing only as needed

When you merge with traffic, you should

try to enter at the same speed, signal, use your rearview mirror and look over your shoulder

If you have to wait to merge, you should

slow down on the ramp so you have some room to speed up before entering

if you are on the highway and another car is trying to merge, you should

move to your left if possible so they may enter

most accidents between cars that are parallel parked and cars being driven on the street are caused by

carelessness of the driver pulling away from the curb

at dusk or on overcast days you should

turn on your vehicle lights

In your brain, alcohol affects those areas of your brain that control

judgement and skill

How much alcohol does it take to affect your driving?

Any amount- even one drink

Alcohol may still accumulate in your body even if you are drinking at a rate of

one drink per hour

A minor can be ticketed if they have a blood alcohol level of


50% of all traffic fatalities are

alcohol related

____ can lessen your concentration on hte driving task and ____ can have a great affect on your diving safely.

Stress, emotions

You should decide each time you drive if you are

physical and mentally capable

What is the number one killer on Montana's roads?


If your vehicle's right wheels leave the pavement, you should

take your foot off the accelerator, and when slowed down, ease back on the road

If a tire suddenly goes flat you should

keep the vehicle going straight, take your foot off the gas and slow down, pull off the road at a safe place

If your gas pedal sticks you should

Shift to neutral, apply steady pressure on the brake

What usually causes skids?

Drivers traveling too fast

What should you do if your vehicle starts to skid?

Turn the steering wheel in the direction you want to go, continue to correct left and right until you are under control again

You should not stop at an accident unless

you are involved in it, or emergency help has not arrived yet

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