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Thoracic Joints

Thoracic joints of the dog.

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humeral joint
ball-and-socket joint between the glenoid cavity and the head of the humerus
what ligaments are in the humeral joint?
medial glenohumeral ligament, lateral glenohumeral ligament, transverse humeral retinaculum (collagenous)
what action does the humeral joint take?
can rotate in all directions but mainly functions in flexion and extension
elbow joint
hinge joint between the condyle of the humerus, head of the radius, and the trochlear notch of the unla
what ligaments are in the elbow joint?
medial collateral ligament, lateral collateral ligament
what action does the elbow joint take?
allows movement along the sagittal plane, ligaments are taught a prevent adduction and abduction of the limb
what unites the radius and the ulna?
interosseous ligament
antebrachiocarpal joint
between the radius and ulna and the intermedioradial carpal bone and the ulnar carpal bone
middle carpal joint
between the two rows of carpal bones
carpometacarpal joint
between the distal row of carpal bones and the metacarpals
carpal joint - overview
joint capsule extends from the distal ends of the radius and ulna to the metacarpus
how does the carpal joint capsule differ from typical hinge joints?
joint capsule heavily reinforces the dorsal and palmar surfaces of the joint
ligaments and tendons of the carpus joint
extensor tendons (dorsal) and palmar carpal ligament (palmar)
palmar carpal ligament
firmly attached to bones of the carpus, helps prevent the carpus from collapsing under the weight of the animal
phalangeal joints
metacarpophalangeal joint, proximal interphalangeal joint, distal interphalangeal joint
carpal canal
formed by the accessory carpal bone (laterally), the palmar carpal ligament and carpal bones (dorsally), and the flexor retinaculum (palmar)
lateral and medial collateral ligaments - where?
in all joints except the humeral joint
what makes up the elbow joint?
radioulnar joint, humeroradial joint, and humeral joint