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American History Exam 2nd semester

The assassination of the heir to the ______________ throne sparked WWI.
Austrian Hungary
Both sides were locked in a ________________- accurately describes the first few years of WWI.
Who actively encouraged anti German feeling in the US?
Great Britain
Which type of German warfare was a major factor in the US's decision in joining the war?
The purpose of the ___________ system was to safely transport troops across the Atlantic.
_____________________- troops were segregated and rarely allowed to fight.
African Americans
What was the role of the federal government in the wartime economy?
They regulated the production of war goods.
In the great migration, African Americans moved to _______________________.
Northern Cities
Irreconcilable senators opposed the treaty of Versailles because they did not want the US to be apart of the ____________________.
League of Nations
Why were postwar adjustments difficult?
There were no plans to merge the returning troops back into society.
The incident that triggered WWI was the assassination of the heir to the ________________ throne.
Austria Hungary
What was an underlying cause of WWI?
The web of alliances European nations created for their defense.
The German government promised that their ________________________ would warn ships before attacking.
U Boats
Why did the US join WWI?
In response to Germany's unrestricted submarine warfare.
Which act started the drafting of young men into the war?
The Selective Service Act
When did Russia withdraw from WWI?
After Vladmir Lenin seized control.
_________________________ increased control of the economy during WWI by overseeing war related production.
The Government
What led to the oppression of free speech in the US?
Fear of Spies and Sabotage
Which president convinced the Allies to accept his plan for the League of Nations?
Woodrow Wilson
What did Senators fear would weaken the independence of the US?
Joining the League of Nations
Who was the Austrian Heir that was Assassinated?
Franz Ferdinand
How was imperialism a cause of WWI?
Many nations wanted the un colonized areas of the world.
Why was much of Europe drawn into WWI?
The League of Alliances that European counties were actively involved in.
Generals were not used to the killing power of _______________________. They kept giving the order to attack.
Modern Weapons.
Most Americans opposed the Central powers because of...
Germany's frightening militarism.
Preparedness advocates argued that the US should strengthen its ____________.
Armed Forces.
Which German weapon remained hidden and fired without warning?
The U Boat
Americans thought that German submarine warfare was ________________.
Why did the US break off diplomatic relations with Germany?
They violated the Sussex Pledge
Who were the target of U Boat attacks?
Ships carrying weapons to the Allies
When were Americans more willing to join the allies?
After the Russian Revolution.
How many ships did the Germans sink before Wilson urged congress to declare war?
Americans responded to the Selective Service act with __________.
The ___________________ system cut merchant marine losses greatly.
African Americans were mostly used for ______________________________.
Manual Labor
______________'s Exit from the war took part in the first aerial bombing raid.
At _________________, American Marines helped save Paris by stopping the German's advance.
Chateau Thierry
As Germany weakened, the _____________ sought the unconditional surrender of Germany.
The death tolls of WWI were extraordinarily _____.
The US was able to lend more than $___________ to the allies thanks to liberty bonds.
Ten Million
The war industries had incredibly reaching powers including the ability to ________________________.
Fix Prices.
______________________ was head of the Food Administration and worked to increase farm output and reduce waste.
Herbert Hoover
The passage of a literacy test for immigrants marked a revival of _______________________.
Minorities and women found employment opportunities in many __________ related industries.
The Sedition Act made it illegal to discuss anything negative about the _______________.
The Sedition Act underwent several ________.
Wilson's goal for the League of Nations was international ________ and ________________
Security and Stability
After WWI, Germany would rebuild it's _______.
________________________ represented women's desire to break away from the past.
A large demographic shift in the 1920s was the movement of Americans to ____________.
The rapid development of the mass media during the 20s was promoting the creation of _____________________.
National Culture
A result of Prohibition was an increase of ______________________.
Organized Crime.
_____________________ led a movement to build up African American self respect and economic power.
Marcus Garvey
Lives were changing in the 20s for women because they felt freer to experiment with bolder _________ and ___________.
Styles and Manners
In the 20s, ________ inspired Americans because they stood for old fashioned virtues.
The growth of organized crime was a lasting effect of ___________________.
Some states banned the teaching of ____________ in schools because the theory seemed to contradict the Bible.
The new morals and manners of the 20s were reflected in women's ___________.
The status of women changed in the workplace very little in the ______.
______________ migrated to the north in the early 1900s because of an industrial boom.
African Americans
After immigration laws were tightened, many low paying jobs went to immigrants from ______ and ___________.
Canada and Mexico
In the 20s, trolleys were replaced by __________.
In ____________________ and other American Heroes, Americans saw a revival of old fashioned virtues.
Charles Lindbergh
Another popular hero of the era was baseball star, _____________________.
Babe Ruth
The growth of the radio and other ______________ in the 20s produced a national culture.
Mass Media
The introduction of ________ was a big step for the movie industry.
___________ was brought to northern cities by southern African Americans,
Clubs in the ____________ district were among the best places to listen to jazz.
____________ wrote about corruption in cities and industries.
Upton Sinclair
Some members of the lost generation left the country to live in __________________.
Writers James Weldon Johnson and Zora Neale Hurston took part in a movement called the __________________.
Harlem Renaissance
____________ was one of the unforeseen results of prohibition.
The right to teach evolution in schools was debated in the _____________________.
Scope's Trial
____________________ lost some momentum during the Scopes' Trial.
Name one cause of the race riots in chicago in 1919.
Who were the main targets if the Ku Klux Klan's terror?
Blacks, Catholics, Jews, and immigrants.
___________________ urged African Americans to return to Africa.
Marcus Garvey
One group that suffered economically during the 20s were the ______________.
This group of people gained attention for their literal interpretations of the bible.
At first, women did not feel comfortable ___________for many reasons.
Many African Americans left the south to seek employment opportunities in the _____________.
This man took up the cause of the fundamentalists during the Scope's trial.
Williams Jenning Bryan
Flappers danced this dance, which embodied the spirit of the Jazz age.
Isolationism and Laissez Faire economy were key items supported by the __________.
Republican Party
This was a major response of the Russian Revolution.
Red Scare
Consumers began to buy goods on __________- in the 1920s.
Many Americans feared Vladmir Lenin and his followers, the _________________,because the refused to pay back war debts.
The cost of ______________-- rose significantly after WWI.
Installment plans affected the American economy in the 20s which fueled the growth of a ______________ economy.
What where built that led to a boom in the automobile industry?
New Roads
When can the government quell free speech?
Whenever there is a clear and present danger
Who was Hoover's main competition in the election of 1928?
Alfred E. Smith
Which act reduced the number of people who could enter the US?
The National Origins Act of 1924
An economy depends on a large amount of ____________.
The 1920s was a major decade of ________________.
Many believed that Sacco and Vanzetti were excused from the Red Scare because they were immigrants with such ________________ beliefs.
Which industry did the most to boost others?
The Automobile industry
Uneven prosperity, personal debt, and overproduction were all warning sounds of an unsound _________________.
Why did Americans feel the Communists?
They were openly hostile towards American Values.
What was the purpose of the Palmer Raids?
To root out groups whose activities posed a clear danger to the country.
Who did Americans believe were behind the labor strikes?
The Communists
Republicans favored ______________.
Harding and Coolidge both based their foreign policies on ___________________.
Which act said that nations could not use the threat of war in their dealing?
The Kellog Brand Act
In the 20s people began to buy goods on _______.
Advertisement changed to an emphasis on _____________.
Consumer Image
Who recreated the Automobile Industry?
Henry Ford
Ford made the assembly line more _______________.
_____________'s success came from vertical consolidation.
Gas stations and hotels were sparked by what industry?
Most American's expected prosperity to continue when ____________________ was elected/
The 1920s were sparked by rising ___________.
Stock Prices
The stock market risings generally benefitted the ______.
When did the nation's business take office?