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  1. Nero's response to the rise of Christianity
  2. Cicero: (pg. 202): "What sort of thing is the law? It is the kind that cannot be bent by influence, or broken by power, or spoiled by money."
  3. Colosseum
  4. Mare Nostrum
  5. Consul
  1. a one of two officials who led the ancient Roman Republic. One was a patrician, and the other was a plebeian, this was to make it fair between each side of the social class
  2. b He is saying that the government should not be destroyed by; influence, money, or power.
  3. c the Latin (which is the official language of the Romans) word for "our sea"; referring to the Mediterranean Sea which was the center of the known world at the time
  4. d Where gladiators fought, and other shows were held there.
  5. e a terrible fire went on in Rome for nine days. Nero blamed the Christians and had them killed which created martyrs which attracted new followers.

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  1. a building made of arches and roman architecture
  2. (278-337 A.D) Emperor of Rome from A.D 312 to 337; encouraged the spread of Christianity; best emperor; became a Christian; first Born Again Christian Emperor
  3. A foreign warrior that is paid to fight for no real cause
  4. India : Indian Ocean :: Italy : _________________
  5. (A.D 76-138 emperor of Rome from A>D 117 to 138; one of Rome's greatest emperors; worked the unify the empire

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  1. Martyrsomeone who died for a cause they believe in.


  2. March 15, 44 B.CThe date that Caesar attended the last meeting of his life with the Senate, he was brutally stabbed to death by the angry senators due to his assumption of way too much power.


  3. Latin LanguageSource of the French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian languages. 1/2 of all English words have a Latin history. Some of the English language words directly come from the Latin language


  4. Rights of the Motherthe rights of the mother in a family depended on their husbands wealth and status; if the husband was a wealthy political man, the wife had a lot of freedom, where as if the husband was a poor Roman; the wife had very little and limited freedom


  5. Roman law from Justinian's Code of Justice passed through other and diverse cultures including the United States. In the Bill of Rights we use many of his brilliant ideas and values about freedom and liberty, justice and fairness. Also, Rome came up with the idea that we cherish today, "Innocent Until Proven Guilty!"He is saying that if something goes wrong the Christians are always blamed and killed. They don't care who did it, they just hate the Christians and want to get rid of them in any way they can.