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  1. Hadrian
  2. Patrician
  3. Diocletian
  4. Roman Senate
  5. Mare Nostrum
  1. a Made up of patricians
  2. b (A.D 245-316) Emperor of Rome from A.D 284 to 305, reorganized the Roman government
  3. c (A.D 76-138 emperor of Rome from A>D 117 to 138; one of Rome's greatest emperors; worked the unify the empire
  4. d member of a wealthy, upper-class family in the ancient Roman Republic. In the Roman civilization, most were plebeians, then there was slaves, and there was only a few patricians
  5. e the Latin (which is the official language of the Romans) word for "our sea"; referring to the Mediterranean Sea which was the center of the known world at the time

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  1. The date that the Senate awarded Octavian the title Augustus which means "highly respected"; he became the first emperor of Rome
  2. Where gladiators fought, and other shows were held there.
  3. (278-337 A.D) Emperor of Rome from A.D 312 to 337; encouraged the spread of Christianity; best emperor; became a Christian; first Born Again Christian Emperor
  4. He is saying that there is no quiet in Rome even before sunrise. Like every big city.
  5. B.P.4) What were the reasons in detail for the fall of Rome?

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  1. Arch*NOT "AFTER DEATH!"
    Anno Domini (Latin) = The Year of Our Lord= A.D


  2. Dark Agesperiod without literature and learning. Most culture stopped. The Catholic churches flourished. they welcomed Catholics into the churches. They rewrote the bible which kept writing alive.


  3. Etruscansan arena in ancient Rome; the show was also held there.


  4. A.D 476Date of Fall of Byzantium; Roman capita which was changed to Constantinople


  5. Romulus and RemusMade up of patricians