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  1. Rights of the Mother
  2. Latin Language
  3. Patrician
  4. Twelve Tables
  5. A.D 476
  1. a Date when the Last Roman emperor driven from throne
  2. b Source of the French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian languages. 1/2 of all English words have a Latin history. Some of the English language words directly come from the Latin language
  3. c member of a wealthy, upper-class family in the ancient Roman Republic. In the Roman civilization, most were plebeians, then there was slaves, and there was only a few patricians
  4. d the rights of the mother in a family depended on their husbands wealth and status; if the husband was a wealthy political man, the wife had a lot of freedom, where as if the husband was a poor Roman; the wife had very little and limited freedom
  5. e a table that listed the rights of the lower class citizens

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  1. 3 types of slaves: house slaves: often treated as a member of the family, sometimes get adopted of married into the family, agricolture slaves: had a hard life forced to work in the farming fields, mine slaves: had terrible life worked in dangerous mines. All slaves had no rights.
  2. the Latin word for "forbid"; the rejection of a bill by the consuls in the ancient Roman Republic.
  3. He is saying that the government should not be destroyed by; influence, money, or power.
  4. someone who died for a cause they believe in.
  5. He is saying that there is no quiet in Rome even before sunrise. Like every big city.

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  1. Mare Nostrumthe Latin (which is the official language of the Romans) word for "our sea"; referring to the Mediterranean Sea which was the center of the known world at the time


  2. March 15, 44 B.COriginally used by the Etruscans. Romans introduced it to their soon to be empire. Still used today in many structures


  3. Augustus Caesaralso known as Octavian, first Roman Emperor, ruled after Julius Caesar's death in 44 B.C (Julius' Adopted son) until his own death. The word Augustus means "highly respected"


  4. Consulone of two officials who led the ancient Roman Republic. One was a patrician, and the other was a plebeian, this was to make it fair between each side of the social class


  5. Roman Senateenabled the Romans to build larger structures and they could use it to resist water. Made of cement, water, rock, and sand.