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  1. Odoacer
  2. Aqueduct
  3. India : Indian Ocean :: Italy : MEDITERRANEAN SEA
  4. Role of the Father
  5. Diocletian
  1. a a system that allows water run through cities and home fro drinking and bathing
  2. b India : Indian Ocean :: Italy : _________________
  3. c he was the controler of the family he owned the family and the house.
  4. d a Visigoth general; threw out the last roman emperor and made himself one
  5. e (A.D 245-316) Emperor of Rome from A.D 284 to 305, reorganized the Roman government

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  1. Twin brothers; children of a beautiful princess and Mars (Greek's Ares); evil and jealous king feared that they would someday seize power from him and ordered them to be drowned; The gods protected them, they were found by a she wolf and were taken to her cave were they were raised. Then they were soon found by a shepherd who raised them until they were older. When they were older they created the city of Rome.
  2. (A.D 76-138 emperor of Rome from A>D 117 to 138; one of Rome's greatest emperors; worked the unify the empire
  3. Athens : Greece :: Rome : ____________________
  4. The year that Romans revolted and drove the Etruscans from power
  5. The date that Caesar attended the last meeting of his life with the Senate, he was brutally stabbed to death by the angry senators due to his assumption of way too much power.

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  1. 27 B.C.The date that the Senate awarded Octavian the title Augustus which means "highly respected"; he became the first emperor of Rome


  2. RenaissanceRebirth of all of western Europe after the long period of no culture known as the Dark Ages.


  3. Augustus CaesarAncient people who lived in Etruia in Italy from at least 650 B.C. to about 500 B.C.
    Lived before the Romans and influenced their culture
    Controlled the Roman Empire
    Roman citizens revolted in 509 B.C. which is when the Romans started the republic.


  4. Rights of the Motherhe was the controler of the family he owned the family and the house.


  5. Arch*NOT "AFTER DEATH!"
    Anno Domini (Latin) = The Year of Our Lord= A.D