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  1. Dictator
  2. Mare Nostrum
  3. A.D 1453
  4. Well obviously the good effects from the size of the Roman Empire were that having that many provinces and such in one empire gave Rome a variety of recourses, strengths, and such that can only come from having many parts to an empire. In Ancient Mesopotamia or Ancient Egypt or even Ancient Greece the land wasn't that large, so they were left with only the resources in that one area. This was widespread so they got a little bit of everything. The disadvantage was that the empire eventually became way to big and had way too big of a government to be ruled from one place, causing chaos to spread and for the enemies of Rome to attack and conquer. The empire began shrinking, but when they stopped conquering lands, no new wealth was available. The empire begin to crumble like Chocolate Chip cookies.
  5. Plebeians
  1. a B. P.1) What were the good and bad effects that resulted from the great size of the Roman Empire?
  2. b a person in the ancient Roman Republic appointed to rule for six months in a time of emergency; had the powers of a king
  3. c Date of Fall of Byzantium; Roman capita which was changed to Constantinople
  4. d am ordinary citizen in the ancient Roman Republic. Most were jobless and living below the poverty line. They lived in tall wooden apartments, they were a fire hazard
  5. e the Latin (which is the official language of the Romans) word for "our sea"; referring to the Mediterranean Sea which was the center of the known world at the time

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  1. B.P.3) Why is Roman law important to us today? (Justinian's Code of Laws)
  2. Twin brothers; children of a beautiful princess and Mars (Greek's Ares); evil and jealous king feared that they would someday seize power from him and ordered them to be drowned; The gods protected them, they were found by a she wolf and were taken to her cave were they were raised. Then they were soon found by a shepherd who raised them until they were older. When they were older they created the city of Rome.
  3. Rebirth of all of western Europe after the long period of no culture known as the Dark Ages.
  4. a building made of arches and roman architecture
  5. He is saying that the gladiator activities are just plain straight out murder. In the morning, they get beaten up by animals and in the afternoon, they get thrown to the people of the town.

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  1. Inflation(A.D 245-316) Emperor of Rome from A.D 284 to 305, reorganized the Roman government


  2. Constantineenabled the Romans to build larger structures and they could use it to resist water. Made of cement, water, rock, and sand.


  3. Julius Caesar(100-44 B.C) Roman political and military leader; became dictator for life in 44 B.C; greatly improved the Roman government; was murdered by Roman senators because of his great power


  4. Nero's response to the rise of Christianitya terrible fire went on in Rome for nine days. Nero blamed the Christians and had them killed which created martyrs which attracted new followers.


  5. Odoacer3 types of slaves: house slaves: often treated as a member of the family, sometimes get adopted of married into the family, agricolture slaves: had a hard life forced to work in the farming fields, mine slaves: had terrible life worked in dangerous mines. All slaves had no rights.