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  1. Inflation
  2. Rome is located at the center of Italy, Italy is at the center of the Mediterranean Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea was at the center of the known Wester World. Rome's seven hills made it very easy to defend, the soil was fertile, and there was a flowing river called the Tiber River. Romulus and Remus originally settled here because it seemed like a very nice place to live. It became so much more.
  3. Province
  4. March 15, 44 B.C
  5. Martyr
  1. a The date that Caesar attended the last meeting of his life with the Senate, he was brutally stabbed to death by the angry senators due to his assumption of way too much power.
  2. b B.P.2) How do you think Rome's geographic setting affected the growth of the empire?
  3. c a unit of an empire; the provinces of the Roman Empire each had a governor supported by an army
  4. d someone who died for a cause they believe in.
  5. e an economic situation in which there is more money of less value. Meaning the government

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  1. am ordinary citizen in the ancient Roman Republic. Most were jobless and living below the poverty line. They lived in tall wooden apartments, they were a fire hazard
  2. (A.D 245-316) Emperor of Rome from A.D 284 to 305, reorganized the Roman government
  3. a person in the ancient Roman Republic appointed to rule for six months in a time of emergency; had the powers of a king
  4. Rebirth of all of western Europe after the long period of no culture known as the Dark Ages.
  5. India : Indian Ocean :: Italy : _________________

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  1. Roman law from Justinian's Code of Justice passed through other and diverse cultures including the United States. In the Bill of Rights we use many of his brilliant ideas and values about freedom and liberty, justice and fairness. Also, Rome came up with the idea that we cherish today, "Innocent Until Proven Guilty!"B.P.3) Why is Roman law important to us today? (Justinian's Code of Laws)


  2. AqueductOriginally used by the Etruscans. Romans introduced it to their soon to be empire. Still used today in many structures


  3. Nero's response to the rise of Christianitya terrible fire went on in Rome for nine days. Nero blamed the Christians and had them killed which created martyrs which attracted new followers.


  4. Colosseumone of two officials who led the ancient Roman Republic. One was a patrician, and the other was a plebeian, this was to make it fair between each side of the social class


  5. Republicmade up of the senate and 2 consuls. 509 B.C.