The Cold War

"The Chocolate Pilot"
American Pilot who dropped candy in East Germany for the chilren.
Mig 15
Russian Fighter Pilot.
F 86 Super Saber
American Fighter Plane.
Yalta Conference 1945
February 1945; the conference between FDR, Stalin, and Churchill about whats happening in the war. Stalin agrees to enter the war with Japan after Germany. Soviet-Polish government must be reconized. Soviet Promises but doesnt keep Free Elections. Self Determination for each country. Stalin doesnt keep promise for this either. Division of Germany. Split Germany into East and West and still gets orders from Moscow.
The Iron Curtain
Dividing Line in Europe that divides the West (democratic) from the East (communist).
Marshall Tito
Dictator of Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia was the only independent Communist country in Europe.
Soviet Satellites
The countries that the USSR owned (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary).
Gerorge Kennan
American diplomat in Moscow; keeps communism in its borders.
Long Telegram
Says Russia suffers from insecurity, long Revolutionary Class struggle against Capitalism,, No permanent solution and just contain the communism, weakness would cause USSR to fall apart. Inefficent economy, money not part of the world monitary system, no insentive to work hard because the stae provides everything.
Keep the Russians and Communism in their borders. Kennan created this policy.
Marshall Plan
To sure up Western Europe through money, George Marshall gives the Harvard speech to tell what was needed to be done, needs to be a united effort, cost $36 Billion, used to strengthen Europe.
"Vigilant Containment of Russian Expansive Tendencies"
Said in the Long Telegram by Kennan stating that it would be a slow but efficient plan to stop Russia.
Council for Mutal Economic Assistance. Economic group led by USSR
Berlin Blockade
the Frist Major Crisis of the Cold War and the first resulting in casualties. Soviets blocked the Western Allies railroads and road access that they used to supply Berlin. Causing the Soviets to gain contol of the entire city.
Berlin Airlift
When the Royal Airforce and US airforce flew over Berlin every 30 Minutes and dropped crates of supplies for the trapped citizens.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Involves Italy, France, Norway, West Germany, and Denmark. Military Group
Warsaw Pact
a Mutal defense treaty brought up by the USSR in 8 satellite states that they are allies and do not fight eachother only the Western Allies.
Arms Race
When countries compete to have the biggest and best weapons, army, and military supplies.
American Missles
Nikita Khrushchev
Helped get rid of Stalin in the USSR and was the leader of the Soviet.
Berlin Wall
a Wall created by East Germany to cut off West Germany
John F. Kennedy
American President. Tried to end the war.
Bay of Pigs
An unsuccessful action by the CIA force of Cuban exiles to invade Southern Cuba. U.S. and Cuba Attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro.
Cuban Missle Crisis
A Base in Cuba that supplied nuclear missles from the USSR. Close enough to the U.S. to fire from the base.