Web Page Design Final Exam

By default, the ________ screen is displayed each time you start DW.
Panel ______ are sets of related panels docked together below one heading.
The ____ bar contains buttons for creating and inserting various types of objects.
The _______ bar located below the Document window provides additional information about the document you are creating.
The ______ bar displays the DW menu names.
To display a menu, click the menu name on the ________ bar.
Browser Navigation
The ______ toolbar provides feedback regarding browser capability.
The _________ toolbar is the default toolbar displayed in the Document window.
The ______ toolbar contains buttons for common operations from the File and Edit menus such a New, Open, Browse in Bridge, and Save.
To define a site and create the hierarchy, create the root folder and any subfolders OR create ___ and then create the folders when saving the files.
A typical path structure has a master folder, usually called the ________.
A _____ is the succession of folders that must be navigated to get from one folder ot another.
Site Setup
To edit a site, click the site name and then click the Edit button. DW displays the _________ dialog box; from there, you can change any of the options you selected when you first created the site.
DW comes with a number of default commands. These defaults are stored in 20 different categories in Dw's ____________ dialog box.
Most web sites use the _______ extension.
_____ help you measure, organize, and plan your layout.
home page
The __________ is the starting point for the rest of your Web site.
You ________ (can/cannot) turn rulers on or off.
line break
To start a new single line without a blank line between lines of text requires a __________.
_________ means to change heading styles, insert special characters, and insert and/or modify other such elements that enhance the appearance of the web page.
The ___________ button on the Property inspector allows you t apply a Paragraph, Heading, or Preformatted style to text.
Using the Center command on the _________ submenu on the Format menu allows you to center text.
Property Inspector
To remove the bullets or numbers from a formatted list, select the formatted list, and then click the button in the ________ that you originally used to apply the formatting.
When you select existing text and add bullets, the blank lines between the list items are _________.
Untitled Document
If you do not title a page, the page will be displayed in the browser window, Favorites lists, and history lists as an _______________.
A Web page ________ helps Web site visitors keep track of what they are viewing as they browse.
Windows arranges all of these objects -- root directory, folders, subfolders, and files-- in a ___________.
If you have already created a document that you can use as a Web page, store it in the root folder for your site, and then use the Open command on the ________ menu.
A ____________ file maps out or plots an image on a pixel-by-pixel basis.
_________ format is best used for photographic images.
__________ images add texture and interesting color to a Web page and set the overall appearance of the document.
To apply a background color to a web page, you can click the Page Properties button in the Property inspector, click the _______ category, and then click the Background icon to display a color picker, which provides a palette of Web-safe colors.
A(n) ______ (or external) link provides the complete URL of the document.
A(n) _______________ (or internal ) link is used for local links.
You can insert most asset types into a document by _________, using Insert on the Assets panel, or the Media Command on the Insert menu.
To open an existing Web page in Dw, you can click the Open button on the _________ toolbar.
vertical bar
You resize panels by pointing to the panel's ________ until it changes to a two-headed arrow, and then you hold down the mouse button and drag.
When using the Property inspector, the _______ box allows you to make the selected image a hyperlink to a specified URL or Web page.
left, right
H Space adds space along the _____ and _____ of an image.
top, bottom
V Space adds space along the ______ and ________ of an image.
The _________ page normally is named index.htm or index.html.
The DW __________ panel provides a view of the devices and folders on your computer and shows how these devices and folders are organized.
menus, images, frames
Tables can be used for ________, __________, and ________.
When a table's border is set to _____ and the table is viewed n a browser, the outline is not displayed.
percent, pixels
When specifying the width, you can select ____ or _____.
When no table width value is specified, the table is displayed as __________ as possible and then expands as content is added.
Property inspector
If modifications are necessary to the original specified table values, you can change these values in the __________.
The Insert bar appears at the top of the window below the __________ bar.
Use the _______ tab of the Insert bar to work with tables and table features.
If you enter something into the Caption text box, it will appear ____________ the table.
A cell spacing entry of ________ would specify 10 pixels between adjacent cells.
table, selected, cells
When formatting tables in Standard mode, you can set properties for the entire _________, ________ rows and columns, and selected ________.
To select the entire table, click in a cell and then click ____ in the tag selector.
When you click inside the cell, the _____ tag is displayed as selected on the status bar.
Align bottom
You can change cell alignment through the ____________ pop-up menu on the Property inspector by clickin the cell and then selecting another alignment option.
Property inspector
To clear any cell widths or row heights you set, select the table and click the Clear Row Heights button or the Clear Column Widths button in the ________.
Tables, images, and other Web site elements can be assigned a name through the ______ field located in the Prperty inspector
The name (ID) you give to a table identifies the content of a(n) _______ within the HTML code.
If you accidently remove content in a table, click the Undo button on the Standard toolbar.
To add a row automatically, press the _______ key in the last cell of a table.
Merge Cells
To merge two or more cells, select the cells and the click ___________ in the property inspector.
You easily can delete a table. Select the table tag in the tag selector ad then press the _______ key.
The ________ command specifies the width, in pixels, of the line that frames the image.
________ can help separate content within a table and are especially useful if the table contains data that must be read across a row or down a column.
You can add borders to tables when you insert the table into the Web page using the Border thickness text box in the _________ dialog box.
vertical, horizontal
A table allows you to add ________ and _______ structure to a Web page.
Web _________ are a highly versatile tool that can be used to collect information from surveys, guest books, order forms, tests, automated responses, user questions, and reservations.
Each form must have a beginning and ending __________ tag.
server, e-mailed
After the data is collected from a Web form, it is submitted to a _____________ or __________.
The ______ contains the maito address or specifies the URL to the dynamic page or script that wil lprocess the form.
Property inspector
Use the ___ to align the horizontal rule to the left, center, or right
input fields
Web page designers create forms consisting of __________ so users can obtain useful information and enter data.
dotted red
When you insert a form, DW inserts the appropriate tags into the soure code and then displays a _____ outline to represent the form in Design view.
form objects
In DW, data is entered through form input types called _____.
radio buttons
Each form object should have a unique name, except ______ within the same group, which share the same name.
alphanumeric, punctuation
Input into a text field can consist of _______ and ________ characters.
Check boxes
___________ allow the Web visitor to click a box to toggle a value to either yes or no, and are also used to enable the visitor to select as many of the listed options as desired.
scroll bar
The form field type called list provides a _______ used to scroll the list.
The form field type called menu contains a ________ list.
A pop-up menu, also called a _________ menu, lets a user select a single item from a list of may options.
A _______ menu is a special type of pop-up menu that provides options that link to documents or files.
Files pop-up
Clicking the __________ menu in the Files panel lists the sites you have defined.
________ ar einteractive elements that provide a way for the Web site visitor to interact with the site.
The <_______> tag includes parameters that allow you to specify a path to the server-side script or application that processes the form data and indicate which HTTP method to use when transmitting data from the browser to the server.
<hr />
The html tag for horizontal rule is ____.
form objects
A typical form is composed of _______ such as a check box, radio button, list, menu, or other buttons.
the Forms tab on the _______ bar contains all of the traditional form objects.
text field
A(n) _________ is a form object in which users enter a response.
single-line text field
Typically, a(n) __________ provides for a single word or short phrase response.
multiple-line text field
A(n) _______ provides a larger text area in which to enter a response.
The _____ button clears all the fields in the form.
Radio buttons
_ provide a set of options from which the user can select only one button.
Radio Group
When you are adding multiple radio buttons to a form, the _______ form object is the fastest and easiest method to use.
Validate form
The ___________ behavior verifies that the user has entered data into each designated field.
A(n) ___________ is a combination of an event and an action.
When a user clicks a hotspot, an assigned ________ occurs.
images, text, media
An AP element is a container that holds other types of content, such as _____, _______, and _____.
x-, y-, z-coordinate
AP elements are positioned using a standard __________ system, similar to what you would use to create a graph on graph paper.
The x- and y-coordinate correspond to the AP element's top and _____ positions within the page.
AP Elements panel, JavaScript code
On the AP Div Property Inspector, the CSS-P Element ID assigns a unique name to identify the element in the ________ and __________.
When you insert an AP element, a code marker appears in the document window. This small ________ square indicates that an AP element is on the page.
overlaps, visibility, nest, stack
Use the AP Elements panel to prevent _________, change the _______ of elements, and ____ or _____ elements.
The Visibility column uses ____ icons.
The default name for AP elements is apDiv1, __________, etc.
A(n) _________ map is an image that has one or more hotspots placed on top of it.
AP Element
You can create a hotspot on an image map to link to different parts of the same Web page or other Web pages within the web site or to display content with a hidden ______________.
Use the ___ hotspot tool to create a rectangular-shaped hotspot.
Use the ______ Hotspot Tool to define an oval or circular hotspot area.
Use DW ______ to allow visitors to interact with a Web page. Simply specify the action and the event that triggers that action.
DW contains two standard ________ designed expressly for working with AP Elements.
The default action is __________.
The _______ command, which is accessed through the Modify menu, lets you align elements to their left, right, top, or bottom edges.
To align two or more elemtns, you first must select the elements. To select multiple elements in the AP Elements panel, you select one element, hold down the _______ key, and then click the other elements you want to align.
If you find yourself repeating or needing to undo or redo a step or steps, you can use DW's ________ panel t undo one step or multiple steps at one time.
The _____ object inserts the current date in a format of your preference and provides the option of updating the date (with or without the time) whenever yu save the file.
AP Element
A(n) __________ provides more flexibility than a table because it can be placed in an exact spot anywhere on the page with pixel-perfect precision.
The z-coordinate, also called the _____, determines an AP element's stacking order when more than one element is added to a page.
Show-Hide Elements
_________ is used to make visible or to hide an element and the element's content.
Templates are saved with the __________ extension.
A(n) __________ region lets the content developer show or hide content on a page-by-page basis.
Make Nested Template
The __________ command creates a template whose design and editable regions are based on another template.
A _________ is a rule describing how a specific objec tis formatted.
precise layout; smaller, faster downloading pages; all attached pages can be updated at one time
Advantages of style sheets include __________, __________, and ___________.
selector; declaration
A CSS style rule contains two parts: the __ and the ___________.
A(n) _____________ region is a section in a document that is set to repeat.
____________ links define the style of a link to a web site that you have visited.
editable region
A(n) __________ is the basic building block of a template and is an unlocked region.
The __________ panel includes all of the assets for your site, including images, video, and other media.
repeating region
The __________ command creates a section of a template that can be duplicated as often as desired in a template-based page.
HTML Styles
_____________ are a DW feature that a Web page developer can use to apply formatting options quickly and easily to text in a Web page.
Cascading Style Sheets
________________________ are a collection of formatting rules that control the appearance of content in a Web page.
Click ___________ to paste a selected image or file.
A(n) ____________ page generally consists of a default home page that displays the Web site logo or some other Web site promotion.
The Adobe ____________ program is a collection of tools for animating and drawing graphics, adding sound, creating interactive elements, and playing movies.
The Web Accessibility Initiative includes promoting a high degree of usability for people with ______________________.
screen readers; keyboard navigation; Operating system controls
DW supports three accessibility options: ________________, _____________, and _________________.
Web server
To prepare a WEb site and make it available for others to view requires that you publish your site by uploading it to a ___________________ for public access.
______________________ is the process of transferring your files from your comuter to the remote server.
______________ is the process of transferring files from the remote server to your computer.
DW uses the term ____________ for uploading.
DW uses the term _________ for downloading.
To mirror the local site on the remote site, DW provides a _____________ feature.
show or hide content on the page; change the background color of the page; select menu options
Users use Spry widgets to _________, ___________, and __________.
Spry widgets have attached behaviors that you can access and modify through the _________ panel.
When you insert a Spry widget into your WEb page, a folder named ______ is created automatically and added to the root level of your Web site.
Once you insert Spry widgets, you can customize the widgets and modify their styles through the CSS ____________ panel.