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angle of depression

angle from horizontal down to line of sight

angle of elevation

angle of horizontil up to line of sight


line segment from the center to the midpoint of one of its sides


a line that a graph approaches but never reaches

axis of symmetry

A vertical line that divides the parabola in 2 halfs


a polynomial with two terms - the sum of two monomials


any sentence writen in if-then form


the sum and the difference of the same two terms

constant of variation

The nonzero constant k in the function y = kx.


switch the hypothesis and the conclusion


adajecnt divided by hypotenuse

degree of a monomial

The sum of the exponents of the variables of a monomial.

degree of a polynomial

The degree of the term with the greatest exponent for a polynomial in one variable.

extraneous solution

a solution to an equation that does not satisfy the original equation


six-sided figure


side opposite of the right angle (longest side of a right triangle)

inverse variation

y = k / x or xy = k


the sides adjacent/beside the right angle

like radicals

radicals with the same radicand


point half way between the two end points
Formula = x one plus x two divided by 2 , y one plus y two divided by 2


the graph of a quadratic formula that is in the shape of a U


is a quadrilateral with TWO pairs of parallel sides

perfect squares

squares of the integers

perfect - square trinomial

for every real number a and b --> a^2 + 2ab + b = (a+b)^2


The sum or difference of two or more monomials

principle square root

positive square root
Example - square root of 16 = 4

quadratic equation

x = -b plus or mius the square root of b^2 - 4ac divided by 2a

quadratic function

ax^2 + bx + c = y

radical equation

an equation with a variable in the radicand
Example = (square root of x) - 3 = 4


expression inside the radical sign

radius of a polygon

distance from the center to the vertex - hypotenuse

rational equation

equation that contains one or more rational expressions

rational expression

a fraction with a variable in the top and bottom

rational function

a function with at least x in the denominator

rationalize the denominator

you multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same radical expression


any quadrilateral with four right angles


quadrilateral whose four sides all have the same length


opposite / hypotenuse


quadrilateral that has four sides that are all the same length and four right angles

square root

the number a is the square root of b is a = b

square root function

function with the independent variable under the square root symbol
Example - y = x

standard form of a polynomial

exponents go down according to the power


opposite / adjacent


a quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides

trigonometric ratios

ratio of sides of a right triangle


polynomial consisting of 3 term

vertex of a parabola

highest of lowest point of the parabola

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