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Studying Health Science


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Health science
a field of study that includes academic research and the application of research, technology, and practice to improve the health of patients.
Health care
the application of health science research to improve the health of patients.
Identify the specifics of a patient's disease
Work directly with patients to improve their health over a period of time
Health informatics
Manage information related to patients
Support services
Ensure that facilities and equipment run smoothly
Develop and research technology to improve health care
Louis Pasteur
discovered that tiny germs caused disease
Which of the following things do most healthcare workers need to do in order to begin a career in health care?
Study health science
the study of living things
The many areas of study within biology are called the
life sciences
a branch of science that studies the physical structure of the human body, including its internal systems
a branch of science that deals with the internal workings of the human body, called functions, rather than the body's shape or structure.
the study of the structure, reaction, and composition of different kinds of substances.
the application of engineering principles for designing and constructing machines and structures for use in health science
tiny pieces of biological material that are passed from parent to child.
Which of the following things would a bioengineer most likely do?
design artificial limbs`
a group of words or phrases that people in a certain profession use
medical terminology
the technical language used by medical professionals.
Which of the following scenarios would probably require a health science worker to use math skills? Check all of the boxes that apply.
-weighing a patient
-determining how much a patient needs to pay for medical services
-ordering medicine
Why is it helpful to learn the shorter terms and phrases that are commonly used in medical terminology?
It will help you interpret new medical terms that you have not encountered before.
simple drawings that show the basic shape or workings of a particular system in the human body; commonly used in anatomy and physiology and other sciences to show how complex systems are structured
Which of the following topics would a diagram be most helpful for studying?
the relationship between bones in the skeletal system
In which of the following situations would breaking down the information into smaller parts be most helpful?
interpreting a complicated medical term that you have not encountered before
kinesthetic learning
Learning by actually performing a task or handling items
A study group
is likely to allow you to encounter new points of view.
Practicing skills
is when you do something over and over again.
Flash cards
are especially helpful for memorizing vocabulary terms.
Which of the following things would a bioengineer most likely do?
develop a new machine for diagnosing patients