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In the beginning of Rome, how many kings were there before the first Emperor was crowned?
7 Kings
what is a B public and when did we become a republic
A state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and 510 BC
why did rome become a republic
to have more freedom
Who was Julius Caesar and why is he important
he was a general, and a dictator of Rome
what does Agustus mean
why was Julius Caesar killed? What happened instead after his death?
he was stabbed by the Senate and the government change
why did Nero burn rome
he was mad and wanted rome to suffer
why does the Roman empire build coliseum and spent so much effort on games
because people loved violence I would pay to see people get mauled
what did the 100 days given our current society
Olympic games
why was he Hadrian wall built? Did it work?
it was built to keep pictas out yes it did work
what affected Christianity have on the Roman empire ?
monotheism they believed in only one God and Christianity became an official religion
what caused the Empire to split
environmental the Emperor died and lots of people died and everyone left
what caused the fall of the Western Roman empire? Who is the emperor, what follows?
failing economy fast expansion Christianity and natural disaster a Gustus and many died our schedule Rome and went to another places
what caused the fall of the eastern Roman empire?
internal decay constant battles, split economy failed, lost money
Who is Constantine why was he so important to Christianity?
he was a Roman Emperor and he like the teachings of Christianity so he made it a official religion in Rome
what advances did the Romans give us?
A stable government, religion, canals, rugs, calendar, sports, Olympics, language and number system
why do you think the Roman empire good to be such a power
because when the empire was first started the trade was good so they got lots of money early on which made them stronger cock. Military was strong. Middle to end of weapons and battle strategy
The Roman empire was
The first empire to conquer rome
Roman empire had the
first mystical beginning
above Rome is
The Alps
the ocean is around rome which
Protected from invaders, easier trade
The Roman empire was the
The Roman empire was
made on a swap
The Roman empire invented
The Roman empire is a
why did the Roman empire collapsed
invasions, bad government, lost in trade, economy went down, lack in government support
if there had never been a Roman empire, how it affects our world?
we wouldn't have as much of a stable government, no marble, no arches, no sewage system, no language, lost 1000 years of achievements
what are three things that caused the fall of the Roman empire
invasions, fall of government, eastern empire got larger
what Empire did the Roman empire evolve into
byzantine empire
rome had a
extremely large military/army
Rome was rising and falling for almost
1000 years
Rome created
domes, concrete, sewage system, a way to get freshwater using arches
from trade with
all parts of the Roman empire and I over the Mediterranean Sea
Rome did not kill but
The eastern Roman empire was larger than the
Western Roman empire
Rome is shaped like a
boot and it's major trade partner was Naples right above it
what would happen if rome did not exist?
lots of things, unstable government, Jesus might still be alive, lots and lots and lots of different things would happen to our world today
rome completely fell in
1453 AD
The first Emperor was
when agustus died...
many people missed him terribly because he was such a good and powerful empire for the Roman empire
a person or thing that succeeds another
greek fire
a flame throwing weapon that is used to set ships on fire
hagia sophia
Most famous example of Byzantine architecture, it was built under Justinian I and is considered one of the most perfect buildings in the world.
A formal statement of religious belief or confession of faith.
nicene creed
the profession of faithor creed that is most widely used in christian lituragy
a painting of jesus christ or another holy figure
People who opposed the use of icons in worship
Head of the Roman Catholic Church
great schism
split within the roman catholic church
A person who spreads his or her religious beliefs to others
who was Augustuses rule different from the emporers that came after him?
auggustus kept traditions and his secretatries were more efficient
comdous was a
romes political government was
roman military people were placed on boarders to
protect rome from barbarian invasions
3rd century- emporers claimed the throne
by killing other people
people say rome never failed because
the traditions are still here today
how was the roman republic different from the roman empire
in the roman empire representatives were elected in empire they were not
julius ceaser was
extremly popular
ceaser expanded the boarders by
military conquest
ceaser was a
military general and politician
cleopatra helped ceaser with
finnancial help
ceaser gained control of the roman empire by
winning the civil war
the senate assasignated ceaser
because they thought he became to powerful and they didnt like his reforms
agustus emerged as
the victor of a series of civil wars
during the reign of augustus the senate was
the roman republic was a
goverment and the representaitives were elected
the senate had to aprove of
government actions
how was the roman republic different before the 12 tables
beforhand, the romans didnt know the laws
the women were treated as
second hand class
what was the main difference between the senators and the assembly?
senators- patritions
assembly- plebians
plebians were
poor and badly treated... lower class
patricions were
rich and treated well... higher class
if u wanted to be a part of the concil u had
to be a military general first
conculs were
elected by the assembly and ordered by the senate
the US and roman republic are alike because
they both have 3 branches of government
rome was the first
romans used
rome was made on a swamp
yes and had good sewage systems
marble and concrete.... marbel was made when augustus was the ruler
created MARBLE
AND dome buildings
rome rised because of
tchnology,money,military,ruled by fear, trade,conquear not slaughter
rome fell beacuseof
overexpasion,rise of eastern empire,invasionseconomic troubles christianity
if there had nver been a roman empire
we wouldntbahve a stable government,jesus might be alive and languages
rome gave us
reliion,canals sports and calander
rome was surronded by
the medditerian sea
rome was protected from invaders by the
alps and the ocean....rome was isolated
rome republic is like the US
beacuse we both elect leaders
rome was good at
trading,making good money and conquering empires
why did rome split
unfair rules and the government was falling
which fell first eastern or western empire
western empire fell before the eastern empire