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screened for through the neonatal screening blood collection procedure

which of the following is true of congenital hypothyroidism


an incision for a heel stick on an infant should not go deeper than 3.0 mm


use of a ______ over a skin puncture site is not recommended for children less than 2 years old


which of the following is an emotional factor associated with the aging process


eutectic mixture of local anesthetics is also called

map and wireless phone

extra supplies and equipment needed by home health care workers who collect specimens from homebound patients that are not necessary for workers in a hospital include


for children older than ____ year, a fingerstick is appropriate for blood collection


EMLA is a topical anesthetic used after venipuncture in children

parkinson's disease

which of the following is a debilitating disease causing tremors, particularly in elderly individuals

disposable gloves

which of the following equipment is necessary for newborn screening blood collection

4 hours

after the blood collected from a heel stick is placed on the neonatal screening card, the card must dry in a horizontal position for a minimum of


_____blood is the specimen of choice for blood gas testing


if an incision for a heelstick goes deeper than ____ mm in a newborn, it can lead to osteomyelitis


a physical problem common in elderly individuals is loss of feeling

cystic fibrosis

which of the following disorders can be detected through neonatal screening

sterile, automatic disposable pediatric skin puncture devices, 70% isopropanol alcohol swabs, newborn screening cards, disposable gloves

list the blood collection equipment needed for newborn screening blood collection


a 10 mL blood sample collected from a newborn is equivalent to 5 to 10 percent of the infant's total blood volume


which of the following is a complication that can result from multiple deep heel sticks on an infant

23 gauge

which of the following gauge sizes should be used for the infant scalp venipuncture


the horizontal position to immobilize a child is also referred to as the ______ position

arterial blood

which of the following is the specimen of choice for testing the pH, pO2, and pC02, of the blood

blood specimen not properly dried before mailing, filter paper circles not completely filled, blood applied to both sides of the filter paper, heelstick squeezed or milked

describe at least four interferences that can occur in newborn screening collections

foam or cream disinfectants

which of the following is an acceptable alternative to hand washing prior to phlebotomy procedures

in a comfortable, reclining position

specimen collection in a patient's home may involve unusual positioning of the patient, what is the preferred position or location from which to collect a blood specimen from a homebound patient

sickle cell disease

which of the following is a commonly inherited disease that is detectable through a newborn screening process in neonates

in a treatment room

the best location for performing venipuncture on a hospitalized 7 year old is

all of the above

physical frailties that may affect elderly individuals include


sucrose is effective in reducing pain and crying time during a blood collection procedure for an infant


which of the following is an acceptable intervention to alleviate pain during venipuncture on a 5 year old child


in the hospital, it is best to perform a blood collection procedure on a child in a ______ room


parkinson's disease often occurs in elderly individuals

puncture-resistant sharps container

which of the following is needed for blood collection by skin puncture on an infant

hematology specimens

when a skin puncture is performed on an infant, which of the following specimens is collected first

medial or lateral section of the heel

which is the preferred site for a heel stick


the central area of the infant's heel is the best site for a heel stick blood collection

less than 2.0mm

the optimal depth of a fingerstick in a child is

all of the above

transportation requirements for specimens collected from homebound patients include

15 degrees

the angle of the needle for scalp vein venipuncture of an infant should be


for the newborn screening blood collection procedure, only ____ side of the filter paper should be used

topical anesthetic applied to the child's arm before venipuncture

EMLA, sometimes used for pediatric venipuncture procedures, is a


a minute metal filling and magnet are necessary for the capillary blood gas procedure


the EMLA application provides anesthesia for 45 minutes to 3 hours

lateral posterior area of the heel

which of the following sites is recommended to collect capillary blood gases on a newborn


children with spina bifida are particularly sensitive to

72 hours old

blood spot testing for neonatal screening disorders should be performed before the newborn is


a common interference in newborn screening collections occurs when blood specimens are not dried for _____ hours before mailing


cystic fibrosis is detected by the capillary blood gas test

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