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  1. P, Rec, Rhom, S
  2. proportionally
  3. equidistant
  4. congruent
  1. a opposite sides and angles of a parallelogram r
  2. b if 3 parallel lines intersect 2 transversals then they divide the transversals ________
  3. c P/Rec/Rhom/S: Opposite sides are congruent
  4. d the midpoint of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is _______ from the 3 vertices

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  1. line tht contains a chord
  2. diameter thts perpendicular to a chord ____ the chord at its arc
  3. P/Rec/Rhom/S:Diagonals r perpendicular
  4. in same circle or congruent circles, chords equally distant from the center are _____
  5. diagonals of a parallelogram

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  1. x, x, x times the square root of 2whats the measurements of a 45-45-90 triangle?


  2. rhombusthe diagonals of a _____ are perpendicular


  3. longerthe angle opposite the ______ side is smaller


  4. congruentline tht intersects circle in exactly 1 point


  5. similar to the original triangle and to each otherif a ray bisects an angle of a triangle, then it divides the opposite side into: spttots


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