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  1. Rectangle
  2. midpoint, parallel, midpoint
  3. congruent
  4. 1/2 the sum
  5. parallel to bases, has half a length equal to the average of the base lengths
  1. a the diagonals of a ______ are congruent
  2. b a line tht contains the _____ of one side of a triangle and is _____ to another side passes thru the ______ of the third side
  3. c A Median of a trapezoid is:
  4. d in same circle or congruent circles, chords equally distant from the center are _____
  5. e the measure of an angle formed by 2 chords tht intersect inside a circle is equal to ____ __ ___ of the measures of the intercepted arcs

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  1. measure of an angle formed by two __, 2 ___, or a __ __ __ __ drawn from a point outside a circle is equal to half the difference of the measures of the intercepted arcs
  2. if a line parallel to 1 side of a triangle intersects the other 2 sides, then it divides those sides ________
  3. whats the measurements of a 30-60-90 triangle
  4. P/Rec/Rhom/S: Diagonals bisect each other
  5. in the same circle or congruent circles 2 minor arcs r congruent if and only if their _____ ______ are congruent

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  1. P, Rec, Rhom, SP/Rec/Rhom/S: Diagonals form 2 congruent triangles


  2. rightthe ____ of one number to another is the quotient when the first number is divided by the second; its like a fraction


  3. P, Rec, Rhom, SP/Rec/Rhom/S: Opposite angles are congruent


  4. 1/2wht kind of angle is an angle inscribed in a semicircle?


  5. tangentbase angles of an isosceles trapezoid r ______


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