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  1. P, Rec, Rhom, S
  2. rectangle
  3. 1/2 the sum
  4. secant
  5. If it is not sunny I will not go outside
  1. a the measure of an angle formed by 2 chords tht intersect inside a circle is equal to ____ __ ___ of the measures of the intercepted arcs
  2. b if an angle of a parallelogram is a right angle, then the parallelogram is a
  3. c P/Rec/Rhom/S: Diagonals bisect each other
  4. d Inverse of:If it is sunny i will go outside
  5. e line tht contains a chord

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  1. in same circle or congruent circles, chords equally distant from the center are _____
  2. in the same circle or congruent circles 2 minor arcs r congruent if and only if their _____ ______ are congruent
  3. if a segment joins the midpoints of 2 sides of a triangle, the segment is
  4. measure of an angle formed by two __, 2 ___, or a __ __ __ __ drawn from a point outside a circle is equal to half the difference of the measures of the intercepted arcs
  5. a line tht contains the _____ of one side of a triangle and is _____ to another side passes thru the ______ of the third side

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  1. rhombusif 2 consecutive sides of a parallelogram r congruent, the parallelogram is a


  2. congruentif 3 parallel lines cut off _____ segments on 1 transversal, then they cut off _____ segments on every transversal


  3. AA, SAS, SSSList the 2 ways to prove a triangle side or angle is larger


  4. multiply means and extremes, switch means or extremes, add denomonator to numerator on both sideswhat are some properties of proportions? mmae, smoe, adtnobs


  5. chordsegment whose endpoints lie on a circle