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  1. Rectangle
  2. diameter
  3. central angles
  4. greater
  5. 1/2
  1. a in the same circle or congruent circles 2 minor arcs r congruent if and only if their _____ ______ are congruent
  2. b the measure of an exterior angle of a triangle is ______ than the measure of either remote interior angle
  3. c chord tht contains the center of a circle
  4. d the diagonals of a ______ are congruent
  5. e measure of angle formed by chord and tangent is equal to ____ the measure of the intercepted arc

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  1. if 2 inscribed angles intercept the same arc, then the angles r
  2. P/Rec/Rhom/S: Diagonals form 2 congruent triangles
  3. if a quadrilateral is inscribed in a circle, then its opposite angles r
  4. Contrapositive of: If it is sunny i will go outside
  5. base angles of an isosceles trapezoid r ______

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  1. parallel to the third side and half as long as the third sideif a segment joins the midpoints of 2 sides of a triangle, the segment is


  2. segments proportional to the other 2 sidesif a ray bisects an angle of a triangle, then it divides the opposite side into: spttots


  3. ratiothe ____ of one number to another is the quotient when the first number is divided by the second; its like a fraction


  4. midpoint, parallel, midpointP/Rec/Rhom/S: Diagonals bisect each other


  5. congruentopposite sides and angles of a parallelogram r