Chapter 38 Foundation of Radiography, Radiographic Equipment, and Radiation Safety

Dental imaging enables the dentist to
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structures that appear radiolucent on dental x-ray filmsoft tissue tooth decay dental pulpthe term ________ is used to describe areas that appear dark on the imageradiolucent___________ is the term used to describe areas that appear white or light. greyradiopaquethe range of shades of grey between black and white on an image is calledcontrastthe degree of density or blackness on an image is controlled by themilliampere seconds (mA)the sharpness of a radiographic image can be improved bysmaller film crystal sizeDamage caused by ionizing x-radiation to genetic cells:can effect future generationswhat tissue has the highest radiation sensitivitybone marrowa lead apron and thyroid collarMust be used on all patients for all exposuresThe Guidelines for Prescribing Dental Radiographs issued by the American Dental Association and the FDA recommended which of the following dental imaging procedures for the pregnant patient?radiographic imaging procedures do not need to be altered because of pregnancyOne of the rules of radiation protection is to never stand closer than ___________ feet from the x-ray unit during an exposure unless you are behind a barrier.6dental imagingrefers to film-based images refers to digitally produced images detects conditions that might otherwise remain undetectedelectromagnetic radiationcomposed of photons that travel through space differ only by their wavelength travel in straight lineswhat is the name for the primary kind of radiation produced in the dental x-ray tubehead?braking radiationthe portion of the x-ray machine that supplies the electrons to produce x-rays is thecathodeIf you change the exposure time of the x-ray unit, what is affected?number of x-rays producedthe penetrating power of the x-ray beam is controlled by the settings on thekilovolt settinga step-down transformer is pessary within the x-ray circuitry toboil off electrons from the filament