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Who approached Caesar with a "suit" which would touch Caesar more than any?


What is in the "document?"

Names of conspirators

Why does Caesar refuse to read the paper at this time?

It pertains to Caesar

Some of the conspirators begin to ________ that their plan has been __________.

Fear; discovered

Metellus Cimber pleas for a pardon for his ________, who has been _________.

Brother; banished

Caesar says that he will not change his mind because

He is as constant as the morning star.

Caesar earlier said that he is not moved by a certain kind of people and behavior. Describe these people and actions.

Excessively attentive; brown-nosers; Yes men

What is the significance of Caesar's words: "Et tu, Brute? then fall Caesar."

If is friend is against him he wants to die

Where does Antony go after Caesar is stabbed

He flees to his home.

Why does Cassius say that the conspirators have actually done Caesar a favor?

They have cut off his time of fearing death

What do the conspirators do to fulfill the dream of Calpurnia?

They bathe in Caesar's blood

What does Cassius say about the bloody deed and its historical reputation?

It will be seen in plays many times.

How does Antony appear to be on Caesar's side and on Brutus's side?

He uses the present tense for Brutus and the past tense for Caesar.

Summarize Antony's speech.

He flatters the conspirators while saying that he loves Caesar

Why does Brutus say that the conspirators killed Caesar?

For the sake of Rome.

What does Antony ask to do with Caesar's body?

To take it to the marketplace and give an oration.

Under what conditions does Brutus agree to Antony's request?

He says that he has to go after Brutus speaks, not to blame them in the speech, and to mention that he does it by their permission

Summarize Antony's soliloquy.

He plans to turn the people against Brutus and Cassius

Whose servant comes to Mark Antony?

The servant of Octavian

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