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  1. Bloody Sunday
  2. Collective Farming
  3. Russo-Japanese War
  4. February Revolution
  5. Trotsky
  1. a Trotskyism, Permanent Revolution, Power Struggle with Stalin
  2. b first part of 1917 Revolution - mutiny that ends czar rule - provisional government is instated under Kerensky
  3. c agricultural component of Stalin's 5 year plans - led to great famine and millions of deaths
  4. d Russian defeat in this 1905 war led dissident Russian groups to challenge the power of the czar
  5. e took place on January 22nd, 1905 - solidified revolutionary thought in Russia - realized that czarist changes were not going to come without massive work strikes and riots

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  1. first freely elected Russian President
  2. attempt by Nicholas II to appease the people without making any real reforms - flouted democratic reforms such as the legalization of political parties
  3. range that serves as geographic dividing line between European Russia and Asian Russia
  4. _ largest country in the world
  5. Trotsky's theory that called for global uprising of proletariat against bourgeoisie

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  1. Five Year PlansStalin's plans to improve economy of Soviet Union through a focus on agriculture and industry (state-controlled)


  2. Sunni Muslimapproximate population


  3. Nicholas II1993 Constitutional Crisis, Shock Therapy, Rise of the Oligarchs and Privitization


  4. Russian Orthodoxmain religion (of those who claim any religion)


  5. Russianmain ethnic group