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  1. 141 million
  2. Five Year Plans
  3. Dmitry Medvedev
  4. February Revolution
  5. Russian Orthodox
  1. a approximate population
  2. b main religion (of those who claim any religion)
  3. c first part of 1917 Revolution - mutiny that ends czar rule - provisional government is instated under Kerensky
  4. d Stalin's plans to improve economy of Soviet Union through a focus on agriculture and industry (state-controlled)
  5. e person who won the 2008 Russian Presidential Election amid calls of voting irregularity

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  1. ethnicity that dominates the region of Chechnya
  2. last czar to rule Russia
  3. _ largest country in the world
  4. range that serves as geographic dividing line between European Russia and Asian Russia
  5. religious affiliation that dominates the region of Chechnya

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  1. RussianApril Theses, War Communism, New Economic Policy


  2. April Thesesseries of directives Lenin published in the Russian newspaper "Pravda" to solidify support for the Bolsheviks and rally people to rise up against the provisional government following 1917 February Revolution


  3. Redemption Paymentsagricultural component of Stalin's 5 year plans - led to great famine and millions of deaths


  4. Russo-Japanese WarRussian defeat in this 1905 war led dissident Russian groups to challenge the power of the czar


  5. October Revolution2nd part of 1917 Revolution - Lenin seized control of Russia - minimal bloodshed