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  1. February Revolution
  2. Russian Orthodox
  3. Dmitry Medvedev
  4. Secret Speech
  5. Khrushchev
  1. a Khrushchev's speech to a closed session of congress - denounced Stalin and his Cult of Personality while bolstering support for his own reforms
  2. b Peaceful Coexistence, Secret Speech, Berlin Wall and Khrushchovka's
  3. c main religion (of those who claim any religion)
  4. d person who won the 2008 Russian Presidential Election amid calls of voting irregularity
  5. e first part of 1917 Revolution - mutiny that ends czar rule - provisional government is instated under Kerensky

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  1. program instituted by Stalin to rid the communist party of anyone who disagreed with Stalinist principles and programs - millions were exiled to Serbia or killed
  2. first freely elected Russian President
  3. Trotsky's theory that called for global uprising of proletariat against bourgeoisie
  4. Great Purges, Five Year Plans, Collective Farming
  5. took place on January 22nd, 1905 - solidified revolutionary thought in Russia - realized that czarist changes were not going to come without massive work strikes and riots

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  1. Perestroikaeconomic program instituted by Gorbachev to reform communism and make it more efficient - allowed for private ownership in services, manufacturing and foreign trade sectors of the economy - a reason for the downfall of the Soviet Union


  2. Shock Therapyethnicity that dominates the region of Chechnya


  3. Collective FarmingAlexander II emancipated the serfs, but because of these, the social structure did not really change for the better - tied down the "emancipated" serfs


  4. RussianApril Theses, War Communism, New Economic Policy


  5. YeltsinApril Theses, War Communism, New Economic Policy