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  1. Shock Therapy
  2. War Communism
  3. Perestroika
  4. April Theses
  5. October Revolution
  1. a series of directives Lenin published in the Russian newspaper "Pravda" to solidify support for the Bolsheviks and rally people to rise up against the provisional government following 1917 February Revolution
  2. b economic program instituted by Gorbachev to reform communism and make it more efficient - allowed for private ownership in services, manufacturing and foreign trade sectors of the economy - a reason for the downfall of the Soviet Union
  3. c 2nd part of 1917 Revolution - Lenin seized control of Russia - minimal bloodshed
  4. d Lenin's attempt to rapidly transition Russia into a communist nation - everything is state-controlled and all resources were shifted to the Red Army before being rationed to the people
  5. e program instituted by Yeltsin that called for drastic economic changes including the lifting of price and currency controls, the withdrawal of state subsidies, and immediate trade liberalization - failed to bring lasting improvement to Russia

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  1. program instituted by Stalin to rid the communist party of anyone who disagreed with Stalinist principles and programs - millions were exiled to Serbia or killed
  2. Bolsheviks (Reds) won the Russian Civil War thanks largely to Lenin's idea of _
  3. April Theses, War Communism, New Economic Policy
  4. parliament tried to impeach Yeltsin - people supported parliament - Yeltsin put down the revolts and added his own unpopular forms to the new constitution
  5. Stalin's plans to improve economy of Soviet Union through a focus on agriculture and industry (state-controlled)

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  1. Law on Cooperativespart of Gorbachev's perestroika - put private ownership of business in the services, manufacturing, and foreign trade sectors of the economy


  2. Peaceful Coexistencepolicy under Khrushchev that detailed how capitalist and communist nations could coexist peacefully - called for Geneva Summit in 1956


  3. TrotskyTrotskyism, Permanent Revolution, Power Struggle with Stalin


  4. October Manifestoattempt by Nicholas II to appease the people without making any real reforms - flouted democratic reforms such as the legalization of political parties


  5. 1st_ largest country in the world