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  1. 1st person
  2. personification
  3. stated theme
  4. setting
  5. resolution
  1. a the place, time, and culture in which a story takes place
  2. b the narrator is a character in the story (reconginzed by I)
  3. c the part of the plot arc in which all loose ends are tied up
  4. d giving human qualities to a non-living or non-human object
  5. e narrator tells you the overall message directly

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  1. using hints to give the reader clues as to what will happen in the story
  2. the feeling or atmosphere of a story
  3. the part of the plot arc in which the conflict begins to wrap up, the logical reason of the climax
  4. the narrator tells the story from a perspective of an outside character (recongnized by he/she). We know the feelings and thoughts of ALL characters
  5. the part of the plot arc in which characters and setting are introduced

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  1. situational ironywhen the audience knows something a character doesn't know


  2. static charactera character who stays the same throughout the whole story


  3. hyperboleoverexaggeration


  4. implied themenarrator tells you the overall message directly


  5. climaxthe part of the plot arc that is emotional high part of a story