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  1. verbal irony
  2. hyperbole
  3. situational irony
  4. exposition
  5. foreshadowing
  1. a the outcome is the opposite of what you expect
  2. b word have double meanings
    (ex: sarcasm)
  3. c the part of the plot arc in which characters and setting are introduced
  4. d using hints to give the reader clues as to what will happen in the story
  5. e overexaggeration

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  1. you have to piece together the overall message from the story
  2. the place, time, and culture in which a story takes place
  3. the part of the plot arc that is emotional high part of a story
  4. the narrator is a character in the story (reconginzed by I)
  5. character is in conflict with him/herself
    (man vs. self)

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  1. 3rd person limitedthe narrator tells the story from a perspective of an outside character (recongnized by he/she). We know the feelings and thoughts of ALL characters


  2. ironythe sequence of events in a story


  3. dynamic charactera character who changes throughout the story (doesn't mean death)


  4. point of viewthe part of the plot arc in which the conflict is introduced, twists and turns


  5. external conflicta charater is in conflict with outside forces
    (man vs. man)
    (man vs. nature)
    (man vs. god/supernatural)