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  1. Argumentation
  2. Issue
  3. Syllogism
  4. Debate
  5. Advocacy
  1. a three statements that contain a major, a minor, and a conclusion statement
  2. b language strategies to justify our beliefs and action to others
  3. c to engage in argument or discussion
  4. d a vital, inherent question around which a debate focuses
  5. e inquiry and advocacy

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  1. the side of a debate that opposes a change in present beliefs or policies
  2. is a generic term that indicates an error or weakness in an argument or though process
  3. competition or controversy
  4. the second series of speeches in a debate when no new constructive arguments may be advanced
  5. a discussion involving differing points of view OR statement, reason, or fact for or against a point

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  1. Prima Facie caseto establish truth or falsehood


  2. Status Quothe present system of belief or policies


  3. Parliamentary Debatean affirmative case that satisfactorily addresses the stock issues and on its face is sufficient to require a negative response


  4. Brieforganized set of arguments and evidence that are prepared in advance to help in attacking or defending claims


  5. Enthymemetruncated syllogism