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  1. Backing
  2. Prima Facie case
  3. Brief
  4. Clash
  5. Burden of Proof
  1. a to come together or conflict
  2. b an affirmative case that satisfactorily addresses the stock issues and on its face is sufficient to require a negative response
  3. c organized set of arguments and evidence that are prepared in advance to help in attacking or defending claims
  4. d support of any kind
  5. e the obligation to provide sufficient evidence and arguments to support a claim

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  1. a discussion involving differing points of view OR statement, reason, or fact for or against a point
  2. maintain as a fact
  3. a format for a competitive debate that has only one speaker on each side
  4. the present system of belief or policies
  5. the formal statement of the topic to the debate

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  1. Inductive Reasoningspecific to general


  2. Parliamentary Debateinquiry and advocacy


  3. Affirmativethe side of a debate that advocates a change in present policies or beliefs


  4. Warrantsomething that serves to give reliable or formal assurance of something


  5. Negativeto engage in argument or discussion