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final is tmrow!!!!

The core theme of biology is


Aristotle believed that

pieces are fixed (permanent) and perfect.

Darwin found that some of the species on the Galapagos islands resembled species of the South American mainland

more than they resembled animals on ecologically similar but distant islands.

Which of the following statements would Darwin have disagreed with?

Descent with modification occurs through inheritance of acquired characteristics.

Lyell's book Prillciples of Geology, which Darwin read on board the H.IvLS. Beagle, argued in
favor of which of the following concepts?

Earth's surface is shaped by natural forces that act gradually and are still acting.

A dog breeder wishes to develop a breed that does not bark. She starts with a diverse mixture
of dogs. Generation after generation, she allows only the quietest dogs to breed . After 30 years
of work she has a new breed of dog "with interesting traits, but on average, the dogs still bark at
about the same rate as other dog breeds. Which of the following "would be a logical explanation
for her failure?

The tendency to bark is not a heritable trait.

Which of the following assumptions or observations contradicts Darwin's ideal of natural

Whether an organism survives and reproduces is almost entirely a matter of random

Which of the following best expresses the concept of natured selection?

Differential reproductive success based on inherited characteristics

Who developed a theory of evolution almost identical to Darwin's?


Which of the following statements regarding natural selection is false?

Natural selection starts with the creation of new alleles that are directed toward
improving an organism's fitness.

Which of the following would prevent an organism from becoming part of the fossil record
When it dies?

is fully decomposed by bacteria and fungi .

Which of the following statements regarding the currently available fossil record false?

the currently available fossil record shows that the first life forms were eukaryotes.

. Which of the following disciplines has found evidence for evolution based on the native
distributions (locations) of living species?


Humans share several features with salamanders. Certain genes and proteins are nearly 14
identical between the two species; both species have four limbs with a similar skeletal structure;
the species' early embryos are very similar; and where the salamander has a functional tail,
humans have a vestigial tailbone. In evolutionary terms, these are examples of


Deep branch points near the base, or trunk, of an evolutionary tree represent _____ while
Branch points near the tips of the branches represent ___ _

relatively ancient common ancestors ... relatively recent common ancestors

Which of the following would a biologist describe as microevolution?

a change in allele frequencies within the gene pool of a population

A biological species is defined as a group of organisms that

have the potential to interbreed in nature. and produce fertile offspring

Organisms that possess more than two complete sets of chromosomes are said to be


The "big bang" that produced the universe is thought to have occurred

10 to 20 billion years ago.

The earliest discovered fossils are of dating back to ______ years ago.

A. prokaryotes ... 3.5 billion

When the Earth first solidified, what were conditions like?

The atmosphere ,vas rich in gases released in volcanic eruptions; volcanic activity,
lightning, and ultraviolet radiation were all much more intense than on today's Earth

. population is

group of individuals of the same species living in the same place at the same time.

Microevolution, or evolution at its smallest scale, occurs when

population's allele frequencies change over a span of generations.

The ultimate source of all new alleles is

mutation in parent cells (asexual organisms) or in cells that produce gametes (sexual

Which sentence best describes the true nature of natural selection?

Heritable traits that promote reproduction become more frequent in A population from
one generation to the next.

A woman struggling With a bacterial illness is prescribed a month's supply of a potent
antibiotic. She takes the antibiotic for about two weeks and feels much better. Should she save
the remaining two-week supply, or should she continue taking the drug?

She should continue taking the drug until her immune system can completely eliminate
the infection . Otherwise the remaining bacteria in her system may recover and they will
probably be resistant

Which of the following would be most quickly be eliminated by natural selection?

. harmful allele in an asexual, haploid population

When the continent of Pangaea first split apart, it formed

northern landmass called Laurasia and a southern landmass called Gondwana.

Ever since Darwin, systematics has tried to

classify species in groups that reflect evolutionary relationships.

In the three-domain system, the eukaryotes are represented

only within the domain Eukarya.

The three-domain system

subdivides the prokaryotes into two different domains.

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