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Proff. Selling Exam #1

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More typical skills required for trust-based such as;
-information gathering
-listening & questioning
-Strategic problem solving
-creating & demonstrating unique value-added solutions
-team building & teamwork
Where as transaction-focused is more about just making the sale.

Primary focus: transaction-focused focuses on the sales person or selling team, and trust-based is about customers & their customers' needs.

Desired Outcomes: Transaction-focused is closed sales & order volume, such as trust-based is trust, joint planning, mutual benefits, enhance profits

Role of Salesperson: Transaction-focused is to make calls and close sales, trust-based is business consultant, and long-term ally, key player in the customer's business.

Nature of communications: Transaction-focused is one-way, from salesperson to customer pushing products, and trust-based is two-way and collaborative, strive for dialogue with the customer.

Salesperson involvement: Transaction-focused is isolated from customer's decision-making process and trust-based is actively involved.

Knowledge required: Transaction is; product knowledge, competitive knowledge, identifying opportunities, & account strategies. Trust-Based is; Product knowledge, selling company resources, competitive knowledge, account strategies, costs, identifying opportunities, general business and industry knowledge and insight, customer's products, competition, and customers.

Post-sale follow-up: Transaction is little or none: move on to conquer next customer. Trust-based is Continued follow-up through: ensure customer satisfaction and keep customer informed.