18 terms

emt quiz 1

EMRs are an integral part of the ems system because
they can perform BLS
both kidneys eliminate toxic waste products from the body and
control balance of water and salt
the descending aorta branches into the
common iliac arteries
deals with the well being of the EMT, career progression and EMT compensation
human resources
stimulation of alpha adrenergic receptors results in
constriction of the blood vessels
most distal four spinal vertebrae
baroreceptors located throughout the body provide info to the brain regarding
blood pressure
long extrication site, everyone becoming frustrated and losing focus
request CISM for peer support
Can't locate DNR order
treat and contact med control
When you shine a light into one pupil the normal reaction of the other pupil should be to
a palpable pulse is created by
pressure wave through the arteries caused by cardiac contraction
bony prominance on the lateral/superior aspect of the thigh is called the
greater trochanter
unique function of the EMD
providing callers with life saving instructions
there is no vaccine against
EMT becomes distracted at the scene of a motor vehicle crash involving the same type of car in which a child was previously killed
most appropriate device to use when immobilizing a patient with a suspected spinal injury
long backboard
Gun shot wound, police present, table in way
move the table
Adequate medical care, ignored patient's emotional needs, rude. Ignor coworker and don't prevent this from happening again.
legal but unethical