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(Characteristic or Bremsstrahlung?) Dependent upon target element.


(Characteristic or Bremsstrahlung?) Constitues approx. 15% of x-ray beam at 100 kVp.


(Characteristic or Bremsstrahlung?) Projectile electron can lose any amount of its kinetic energy when producing this radiation


(Characteristic or Bremsstrahlung?) Has very specific x-ray energies


(Characteristic or Bremsstrahlung?) "Slowed-down radiation"


(Characteristic or Bremsstrahlung?) Projectile electron is affected by the electric field of a target atom nucleus


(Characteristic or Bremsstrahlung?) Outer-shell electron fills an inner-shell void


Electron target interactions result in the conversion of electron kinetic energy into ____ energy and _________ energy.

Thermal; electromagnetic

The production of heat in the anode increases directly with increasing x-ray tube ____ or _____

current(mAs) or kVp

Using three-phase power is equivalent to a ___ % increase in kVp over single phase equipment


Using high-frequency power is equivalent to a ___% increase in kVp over single phase equipment.


Increasing filtration will result in what effect on the x-ray beam?

Adding filtration hardens the x-ray beam because of the relative increase in average energy

Only the __________ x-rays of tungsten are useful for imaging.


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